Year 6 – Home learning Activities 22nd June


Hi Year 6, 

It looks like the sunshine may be out for our days at school this week!

Here are a few bits for you to be doing on the days you are not in school. 

There is a reading activity, a small piece of writing and some maths. 


Recap over Mean, median, mode and range. You can use a calculator to figure out the answers.

To work out the MEAN: Add all the numbers together and divide by how many numbers there are. 

MEDIAN: Order the numbers from small to big and find the number exactly in the middle. If there are two numbers, add those together and divide by 2.

MODE: Most popular number

RANGE: Order from small to big and then find the difference between the smallest and the biggest.


SURFACE AREA: Last week, we looked at the surface area of ‘nets’. See if you can visualise these nets and work out the surface area!



Read all about the ‘3 PEAKS CHALLENGE’ and answer the comprehension questions: 

Three Peaks Challenge Stage 4 Comp – Comprehension Pack



This week, let your creative writing flow, with this pebble picture