Year 6 Home Learning 6th July

Hi Year 6, 

I’m sorry about posting this work up a little late – here are a few tasks to keep you busy this week. 

Reading Comprehension and questions about Mines:

Trimdon Grange Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Pack

Mining Then and Now Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Pack



What will schools look like in 2090? Will they be the same? Maybe teachers will no longer exist and students will be taught by robots or holograms! Will there be a need for paper and pens/pencils? Will everything be electronic? 

Your task is to write a letter to yourself from the future 2090 and explain how learning has changed.

Brainstorm all your ideas and really think about how things will be vastly different from how they are now. 

Here is a cool link to a YouTube clip with an idea of how things may look:

Technology in Education: A Future Classroom


Have a nice week and see you all this week 🙂