Year 4 and 5 Home Learning Pack: 6/7/2020

Hello Year 4 and 5,

It is hard to believe that we are now in July. I am really missing seeing everybody at school but I am hopeful that I will see some of you in the coming weeks for your transition sessions. As always, it is great to hear from some of you and I have even managed to see a few of you when dropping off your siblings at school, which is lovely.

Please remember that lots of people are finding this time at home difficult and have struggled to work from home; you are not the only one. Only do what feels right for you from these packs.


It would be great for you to create a poster, outlining everything you have learnt in SPaG in KS2 so far (Year 3, 4 and 5). You will be surprised by how much has been covered and all the new grammatical terms you have learned. This can be presented in any way you like but I would love to see example of each area. I will outline some examples below.

  • Prepositions- across, below, above etc.
  • Possessive apostrophes- Miss Randall’s bunny rabbit dug a hole in the garden.
  • Fronted adverbials- Suddenly, one cold morning, etc.



Once again, I will be adding the Talk for Writing home learning packs for year 4 and 5 for your English activities this week. I hope you are enjoying these and finding them manageable.




This week, I will be giving you work based on time. This is something that my class had not covered at school this year but they would have done work on this topic in previous years. There are many useful videos that I will link below to help you.

12 and 24 hour time harder

Converting Time to 24 Hour Clock and Back

Duration word problems

Read and Write the Time


A skill that children develop in years 4, 5 and 6, is using grid references on maps. I have added a 4 figure and 6-figure grid reference work sheet for you to work through. Remember, you must go along the corridor and up the stairs.

4 figure grid references


To get you thinking:

I have added a daily activity to get you thinking this week; it is something a little bit different but I hope it will give you a few minutes to reflect. Spend a few minutes thinking about the answer to the question being asked. Get creative, write your answer down and decorate it.


I hope you all have an enjoyable week,

Miss Glover