Welcome to 2018 in Class 5

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope everyone had fantastic fun-filled holidays.

This term our main topic is TITANIC.

We’ll be exploring how and where the ship was built, who the passengers were and how Titanic met its fate. We’ll also learn about the route the Titanic took and the geography of where the passengers came from around the world.

All the children have been given a real passenger to investigate and learn about; eventually we will find out if they died or survived the tragedy.

In SCIENCE we’ll be learning about forces and in particular water and air resistance, gears, levers and pulleys. This will slot in nicely with our Titanic topic.

In English, we’ll be writing newspaper reports, diaries and recounts. We’ll be supporting our topic by using the internet to research and retrieve information. We will also focus on poetry and developing our reading comprehension and grammar.

In Maths, we’ll be concentrating on reasoning skills. We’ll look at algebra, ratio and proportion, division and multiplication problems, as well as shape.