Titanic Day

We’ve had a fabulous day in Class 5 – learning about Titanic.

Over the past few weeks, children have been busy exploring the ship – how it was built, who worked on it, where it sailed from and how big it was. As well as this we have been busy designing menus for 1st and 3rd class passengers, advertising jobs on Titanic and making leaflets showing the different facilities on board.

We finally looked at why she sank and who were the possible people to blame.

Today, Mrs Wilde made huge icebergs out of ice to illustrate how much of the berg can be seen from above the water. We also talked about how they are formed and looked at some pictures of glaciers.

Children came into school today dressed at Titanic passengers and we had afternoon tea and sampled some lovely, homemade cakes and savoury bits! Well done everyone, you looked fabulous!