Term 3 in Class 5


I hope everyone had a fantastic break and has recharged their batteries ready for another busy term in Class 5!

Please see the information below about some of the things we will be learning about this term in Class 5.

Our science topic is SPACE.
Our learning will include:

• Exploring BIG questions about space exploration (and the universe!)
• The movement of the earth, moon and planets
• The different planets – their sizes and terrains
• The different phases of the moon
• The International Space Station
• Space Tourism
• Space Junk

We will also be learning about The Ancient Maya – a South American civilization.
Our learning will include:

• Gods and temples
• Clothing
• Food and hunting
• Writing and architecture
• Main achievements

In English, we will be exploring some different genres of writing – most of these will be linked to our topics and will include:

• persuasive writing and balanced arguments
• science-fiction
• descriptive writing
• developing characters
• report writing

In Maths, we will focus on the following areas:

• Mental Arithmetic
• Percentages of numbers and amounts
• Fractions, decimal and percentage equivalents
• Ratio and Proportion
• Angles
• Measures
• Charts and graphs

We will also work on speed and fluency when solving mental arithmetic and reasoning problems.
We will also continue to revise all areas of maths already learnt.

Homework this term will include reading comprehensions, grammar, maths problems, and some more creative tasks which I know lots of the children enjoy. Please help by encouraging your child to complete the work set in class, so they get the most from their learning.

We will be using our new online scheme for spelling – ‘Sir Linkalot’. This is a fun and interactive way of learning spellings using animation as a focus. The children have already been trialling this and find it enjoyable.
Much of our spelling work continues to be done in class, but the children will still have spelling words sent home to practise.

Any questions, please get in touch.