Term 3 in Class 5

This term in Class 5 is jam packed with many topics – Titanic being our main focus.

Much of our writing, history, science and homework will also be linked to Titanic. Each child in the class has been given a passenger who was actually on board the ship and over the coming weeks we will learn a little more them, how they lived on board, what their jobs were, where some of them were travelling and whether they survived. We will finish our learning with a ‘Titanic’ dress up day, where we’ll sample some food from the era.

This term in maths, we will be learning about:

Ratio, 2D and 3D shapes, volume, multiplication and division problems, time and timetables, fractions and algebra. As usual we will spend lots of time working on our mental arithmetic skills in class.

Maths, reading and SPAG homework will become more regular now we are nearing SATs and tasks sent home must be completed.