• Mrs Cooke

    Mrs Cooke has been the Head teacher since January 2011. She has overall responsibility for the school, she also teaches most afternoons.
  • Mrs Elliott

    School Business Manager
    Mrs Elliott is the school administrator and School Business Manager. She organises premises staff and works alongside the Headteacher to make sure the premises are safe and well maintained. Mrs Elliott is part of the Senior Leadership team.
  • Mrs Rymer

    Mrs Rhymer works in the school office every morning. She sorts out all the children’s dinners.
  • Mrs Jenkins

    Mrs Jenkins leads our playgroup Little Otters on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She also runs our Toddler group on a Tuesday morning. The children all know her as Jo.
  • Mrs Arkwell-Smyth

    Mrs Arkwell-Smyth works with Class 5 most mornings to support learning and Class 2 on a Thursday. She also works in playgroup , leading the session on a Friday.
  • Mrs Smith

    Mrs Smith works in Little Otters and Class 1 helping the children make that all-important transition.
  • Mrs Charnley-Heaton

    Mrs Charnley-Heaton works in playgroup. The children know her as Caroline.
  • Mrs McNamara

    Class 1 Teacher
    Mrs McNamara is taking responsibility for SEN and Disadvantaged children. She also teaches Class 1 and leads Little Otters. Mrs McNamara is part of the Senior Leadership Team. Mrs Mac also leads Play and is our lead in Outdoor Play and Learning.
  • Mrs Baird

    Class 1 Teacher
    Mrs Baird teaches in Class 1 and is responsible for Multicultural Awareness.
  • Mrs Pearce

    Mrs Pearce works in Class 1 with the Reception children; she’s great at water play and junk modelling. She also helps out at dinner times.
  • Miss Harker

    Miss Harker is new to the school in September 2019 and will be teaching Class 2, she is interested in music, languages and the environment.
  • Mrs Priday

    Mrs Priday works in Class 2, doing a fabulous job supporting children's learning.
  • Miss Seager

    Miss Seager works in Class 2 supporting learning. She also organises our fitness sessions and helps run sports teams.
  • Mr Ford

    Class 3 Teacher
    Mr Ford teaches Class 3, Year 2 and 3 children. He leads Maths and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. If you want to know about a country in the world, ask him, he’s probably been there.
  • Mrs Davies

    Mrs Davies works alongside Mr Ford in Class 3, she works with the Year 2 & 3 children, she particularly enjoys taking art and craft. Mrs Davies is also a lunchtime supervisor and cleaner in charge.
  • Miss Wilkins

    Miss Wilkins works with the children in Class 3. She also leads our lunchtime play.
  • Miss Glover

    Class 4 Teacher
    Miss Glover teaches Class 4, Year 4 and 5 children. She joins the school in 2017, having been a student with us last year. We are very glad to have her back.
  • Mrs Lucia

    Mrs Lucia supports children’s learning in Classes 4. She also helps the children with their play at lunchtimes and helps organise and run our THRIVE programme
  • Miss Smith

    Miss Smith works with Class 4 to support their learning. She is also a very interested in the environment.
  • Mrs Wilde

    Mrs Wilde works with Class 4 in the afternoons. She is a very busy person.
  • Miss Randall

    Class 5 Teacher
    Miss Randall teaches Class 5, Year 5 and 6. She is part of the Senior Leadership Team, organises secondary transfers and oversees The Sciences, these include Science, Design Technology and Computing.
  • Mr Macklin

    Mr Macklin works part-time supporting learning in Class 5. He is a very handy person to have around when things break!
  • Mrs Carter

    Mrs Carter is our super talented music teacher, she teaches across the school as well as teaching recorder, flute, ukulele and leading our orchestra.
  • Mrs Chappell

    Mrs Chappell runs our breakfast club and After School Club, Early Birds and Owls. She also serves dinners at lunchtime and cleans the school in the evenings. A very busy lady.
  • Miss Messenger

    Miss Messenger runs our After School Club, Owls. She organises lots of games, art and cooking activities.
  • Mrs White

    Mrs White is a Lunchtime Play Supervisor and makes sure the children stay safe on the playground.