Settling in!

We have spent the last few weeks settling in to our new classroom getting to know adults, routines, rules and exploring some of the new resources the room has to offer! We now have a sandpit and a water tray in our outdoor area, which has been very popular. Our topic this term is ‘Dinosaurs’ and we spent last week learning the story ‘The Little Green Dinosaur’ and then thinking of ways that we could adapt it by changing the setting and the characters but keeping the story line. During our choosing time we have enjoyed dinosaur puzzles, painting, construction, looking at topic books in the book corner as well as making music on our pans outside! This week the class met a new member – Jigsaw Jack our PSHE buddy who joins us for circle time where we discussed what it means to feel safe and special. We look forward to updating you with new work and photos soon 🙂