School Strategy Plan

Slimbridge School Strategy Plan 2017 – 2020

The Governors and Senior Leadership Team have devised a three-year strategy plan for Slimbridge Primary School to ensure that all our teachers, parents, children and community are engaged in what we are aiming to achieve. Following governor and staff self-evaluation consultations, along with feedback from parents and pupils, the following aspects have been identified as key areas for the next three years.

Our pupils will always be our number one priority and are therefore at the heart of our strategy. We want to ensure that they receive the best education we can provide in a safe and welcoming environment in order to prepare them for the next stage of their education and into their adult life.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement is a definition of what our organisation does and what it wants to accomplish in the future.

“Providing high-quality education by valuing children as individuals, encouraging aspirations, building strengths and providing support, opportunities and new experiences in a happy school community where everyone matters.

We achieve this through partnerships between children, parents, carers, staff, governors and the wider community.”

Strategic Goals

Strategic goals are the key focus areas to enable us to achieve our school vision. Each year specific elements of the strategic goals will be expanded into detailed action plans in the School Improvement Plan.

Development: Ensure each child reaches the highest levels of personal progress and achievement by providing opportunities for them to explore and develop skills and aspirations.  Be aware of community-wide changes that create possibilities of expansion to the school and regularly review how this will impact the school community and plan accordingly.

Curriculum: Encourage development of a love of learning and a passion to aspire in all our children by providing a broad and engaging curriculum. Extend children’s knowledge by introducing them to varied experiences both locally and outside of our community.

Leadership: Promote sustainability in the staffing structure by inspiring and developing leaders to be highly ambitious and have an uncompromising determination within the school that all teaching will be good to outstanding so that all staff can expect the highest levels of achievement for all children. Promote innovative thinking – within teaching and governance – to provide the best possible opportunities for children and adults at the school.

Wellbeing: Within a caring environment where every person matters, develop resilience and independence, along with strong home and school partnerships, to enable children and adult staff to thrive in a cohesive learning community.

Resources: Oversee and implement strong financial control to ensure the school premises and environment reflect the pride and passion that members of the school community feel about our school.