School Continues to be Good

As you will have been aware on the 28th November 2017 Ofsted visited the School.

“Parents are extremely positive about the school’s work.” 

We have now formally received the news that the School continues to be Good. This is great news and we would like to thank all our staff, governors and parent for their efforts in the build-up to and during the inspection. Especially all those parents who completed the Ofsted survey providing evidence for the inspector comments below

Parents are extremely positive about the school’s work. They praise the approachability of you and your staff. They greatly value the school’s caring and nurturing ethos, where pupils are encouraged to be considerate and look out for each other. They state that their children go from ‘strength to strength’ in their learning because lessons are enjoyable yet challenging. Many say that the school is ‘fantastic’, with several commenting on the interesting curriculum that focuses on outdoor learning and local history. Parents clearly see the school as an important feature of the local community.

Sandra Woodman Ofsted Inspector – December 2017

If you would like to read the full letter from Ofsted, including the findings it can be found on the Ofsted Page of the school website