Promoting healthy lifestyles at Slimbridge School!

img_44611 img_44621 img_44641 img_44701 img_44711 img_44721 img_44731 img_44761 img_44741 img_44791 img_44801 img_44821 img_44751This year we are having a real drive to promote healthy lifestyle choices, educating children through assemblies about health, hygiene and fitness. Mrs Clune and Miss Gilbert worked alongside the children to make an action plan with their voice at the heart of the plan to ensure impact. The children decided that we should have 10 minutes a day where the whole school takes part in exercise together with Fitness Leaders from year 5/6 as role models to lead!

In our school hall you will see our display board which has our circuit training timetable, our action plan and information about hidden sugars in food. Keep an eye out for updates!

Our five Fitness Leaders met with Mrs Clune to plan suitable exercises to have at five stations that can be differentiated for various ages and abilities. Everyday at 10.30am the whole school go out to the playground. For the first five minutes KS2 children either power walk, jog or run around the perimeter of the playground as a cardio workout whilst KS1 and Reception children are divided into groups and visit a circuit station run by a fitness leader with the support of a teacher to deliver exercises/activities to focus on the different areas of fitness such as strength, speed, agility, flexibility and balance. At 10.35am the key stages swap over so that the younger children end their session by walking, jogging or running around the perimeter of the playground whilst KS2 focus on a station for the remaining five minutes.

During class and assembly times we have discussed personal targets and ways to record how to see our fitness levels improving. KS2 children have done a bleep test as part of their PE lesson and they’re hoping when they’re retested in the spring term to see an improvement.

We started our training Monday 7th November and so far it has been a real success and the children are full of positive comments. It has been fantastic to witness children encouraging each other and putting in so much effort. Having dedicated time in the day where everyone is physically active and raising their heart rate has also helped with focus and concentration back in the classroom.

The Fitness Leaders are looking for someone every week who they think puts in a superb amount of effort for a special certificate to be given out during Friday assembly time.

Have a look through some of the photographs of us during our circuit training this week – you may even spot some teachers joining in the fun! The children have loved lapping some of the teachers!