Partnership Working

Following enthusiastic discussions and collaborations over several months, we are delighted to formally announce the launch of this partnership, formed by the schools of Cam Hopton, Rednock, Slimbridge and Stone-with-Woodford

The partnership is built on the strong foundations of local community engagement combined with  the shared vision to support the education and well- being of each student in our schools.

We believe that working together will provide coherent pathways for our young people to progress and become the future citizens which will make our community flourish.

This is an exciting initiative, fully supported by each school’s Governing body and their Head teachers.

Further updates about the partnership and what it can bring to your child, to you as parents/carers and to  the community will be publicised in due course.

Please look at the website of each of our schools for our shared commitment to success.
Brian Williams Chair of Governors Stone with Woodford Primary school
Kim McCalmont Headteacher Stone with Woodford Primary school
Patricia Carrington Chair of Governors Slimbridge Primary school
Alison Cooke Headteacher Slimbridge Primary school
Gus Grimshaw Chair of Governors Cam Hopton Primary School
Becky Harris Headteacher Cam Hopton Primary school
Ian Welch Chair of Governors Rednock School
David Alexander Headteacher Rednock School