Maths at Slimbridge

Maths is a key form of communication and an essential part of everyday life. The skills learnt in maths are critical to learning in science, technology, finance and of understanding the wider world.

At Slimbridge Primary School we teach from the programmes of study laid out in the National Curriculum (2013). Each year has defined areas to study:

Number and place value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division




Position and direction

Additional areas are added in later years:

  • Statistics Yr 2
  • Ratio and Proportions Yr 6
  • Alegebra Yr 6

The curriculum is developed to ensure that skills develop and progress as the children move through the school. The programmes of study are organised in distinct domains, but we support children to make links across mathematical ideas through problem solving and real life maths opportunities. All lessons have time for children to use and apply their skills.

The ability to talk confidently about mathematical concepts, using appropriate language, and discuss problems and solutions is a key skill. Staff model quality language and plan opportunities for ‘Talk partners’ and small group work. Slimbridge is a ‘Philosophy For Children’ School.

We believe in the importance of basic skills and therefore focus on the development of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and on mental maths skills. Our aim is that every child should know their times tables by the end of Year 4. We teach children to use technology, such as calculator to check their work, but hold the view that they are not a substitute for good skills.

Slimbridge Primary School complete on-going summative assessments throughout each year to gauge children’s progress and will plan appropriate development steps from this information. At the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 children have formal assessments.