Today, we spent the day celebrating India. We were so excited to learn more about the country and even had the chance to participate in an Indian dance workshop- which was brilliant (although it tired us all out).

The children were really keen to try some Indian food; the Naans were a definite hit. The children had the opportunity to try some Indian sauce. They all enjoyed the Korma and some children even dared to try Vindaloo. The class have told me that they hope to try some more Indian food at home.

We spent the morning designing and creating our own Rangoli patterns. We talked about why people draw them and the meaning behind the colourful patterns. We tried not to get too messy, so used chalk instead of the traditional rice, flour and sand! We invited class 3 to join us with this and they loved working alongside the younger children.

As we are budding Geographers, the children used the ATLAS to locate India and its bordering countries.

Over all, we had a fantastic day- here are some photos we’d like to share with you.