Home Learning Pack Year 4 and 5 (22/6/2020)

Hello year 4 and 5,

I hope everybody is doing well. Apologies for the issues with the website last week and accessing the home learning packs, I’m hoping it will more straight forward this time and you can all view the files. Once again, it has been great to hear from some of you this week and see how you have been getting on. Please continue to share on Tapestry.

I have had quite a few parents get in touch this week to say that they are finding it hard to motivate their child to do the work and they are finding ‘home learning’ tough. Please know that you are not the only ones feeling like this, it is an incredibly tricky time and it does seem this is lasting a long time. It is normal to feel concerned that your child is falling behind but you are all doing such a fantastic job and coping so well. Being there to talk to your child is the best thing you can be doing, so please try not to fret about fractions or fronted adverbials; they will be topics that are revisited when we can welcome your children back to school safely. This time to spend with your children is precious and it will mean more to them in the long term that you are there to listen to their concerns and worries.


This week, I would like you to revise prepositions. A preposition is a placing word. I have added the BBC Bitsize link, where you can watch a short clip to revise this topic: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwwp8mn/articles/zw38srd. There is a worksheet where you need to write some sentences relating to the picture.

Preposition worksheet


Once again, I will be adding the Talk for Writing home learning packs for year 4 and 5 for your English activities this week. I hope you are enjoying these and finding them manageable.




I said I would not upload any new maths work for this week, as I uploaded rather a lot last week. However, if you have been really busy and completed it all, here is a little challenge to keep you occupied. Please do not forget to practice your times tables using TTRockstars.



In both class 4 and 5, we have done lots of work this year thinking about the effects climate change is having on our world. ‘Berkeley Vale Climate Action Network’, have been in contact with Mrs Cooke, to ask if our children would create artwork, prose and poems about the ‘green’ activities and experiences you might have had during lockdown.

These activities might have been taking more walks in the local green spaces, having more time to observe birds and insects in the garden, growing vegetables or family bike rides.

They are hoping to make a colourful collage of work, which will be displayed, around the local area. Work can be left in the foyer at school or sent to Mrs Cooke, with name, age, class and Slimbridge Primary School on the back.

Have a wonderful week,

Miss Glover