Class 4- Home learning pack (18/5/2020)

Hola Class 4,

It has been wonderful to have some communication with you this week via Tapestry. I know it has been hard for some of you to adjust to this new way of working and learning and I just want to take this opportunity to say a big well done to you and your families, I am really looking forward to when we can all return to school safely.

This is the last ‘Home learning pack’ I will be providing before the ‘May half term’ next week, where I hope you will be able to do some fun activities at home and have some ‘downtime’. ‘This is the last ‘Home learning pack’ I will be providing before the ‘May half term’ next week, where I hope you will be able to do some fun activities at home and have some ‘downtime’. ‘

I saw a poem online that I thought I would share with you all:

One day I feel happy,

The next day I feel sad;

One day I feel good,

The next I feel bad.

One day I feel full of energy,

The next day I feel warn out;

One day I feel confident,

The next day I feel full of doubt.

One day I feel carefree,

The next day I feel I care too much;

One day I feel on top of things,

The next I feel out of touch.

One day I feel brave,

The next day I feel scared;

One day I feel ready,

The next I feel unprepared.

One day I feel proud,

The next day I feel shame;

But I should never feel alone,

Because other people feel the same.


This week, the school’s focus for writing is recounts. We have written lots of recounts at school, usually after we have done something more exciting. I have linked the BBC Bitesize website for you, to remind you of some of the features in a recount.

You may choose to write your recount about:

  1. What you did yesterday
  2. An exciting holiday you have been on
  3. Or an historical event (this could be written as a newspaper report)

If you would prefer to complete a reading comprehension for your English activity, I have attached one all about the anniversary of the first man on the moon. There are different levels of challenge, so within the document there is an easier (one star), slightly harder (2 stars) and the most challenging (3 stars), so please choose the level you feel most comfortable working at.




In Maths this week, all the classes will be completing work on:


  1. Division
  2. Division word problems
  3. Multiplicative reasoning

This is very similar to last week. However, I will also attach some ‘bus stop’ division questions for you to work through. I understand that lots of you will find certain aspects of maths harder or easier than others, therefore there is a mixture of challenge involved.


Division Bus Stop Method mixed ability

Division-word- problems

Spelling and handwriting:

I know spelling is something that lots of us struggle with, so I thought now might be a good time to practise them, without the pressure of our weekly tests. Please do not try to learn every word this week, just an ongoing task to keep you busy. Maybe you could play our spelling games at home, using these words.




I have added another science experiment for you to have a go at, ‘Fireworks in a glass’. Enjoy!

Fireworks in a Glass


Last week, I was impressed to see the enthusiasm to learn some German! Well done Class 4. Although I started this week’s note in Spanish, I won’t be adding another language to the work pack just yet!

This week, if you want to do some more language-based activities, I have added a worksheet where you need to draw a picture of the family member being described in either French or German (depending on which language you choose). There is a word mat for the German to help and here is a link to a video if you want to work on your pronunciation.




Have a lovely week and well done for all your efforts on TTRockstars, keep it up!