Home Learning Pack (29/6/2020)

Hello year 4 and 5,

I hope lots of you took advantage of the glorious weather last week and spent some time in the sunshine. At school, the year 6s made their own obstacle course as a ‘mini sports day’, which we really enjoyed- maybe you could give this a go at home and get the family involved.


This week, I would like you to revise relative clauses. This is something that all the year 4s and 5s have covered multiple times so you should be able to do this without any problems. If you do need a reminder (parents too) I will add the link to the relative clause dance that we enjoy doing in class J


Relative clause worksheet


Once again, I will be adding the Talk for Writing home learning packs for year 4 and 5 for your English activities this week. I hope you are enjoying these and finding them manageable.




I know lots of people found the last two weeks of fraction work hard, it is a tricky subject with lots of objectives to cover so please don’t feel disheartened. I am hoping you will enjoy this maths topic a little more- data handling. We have covered data collection, bar charts, pictograms, line graphs and time charts. Therefore, I will add work that covers many of these areas for you to pick what suits you best.

In school, we collected our own data and made a variety of charts to represent it. Maybe you could give this a go at home.

Bar Charts

Line graph



Some people have mentioned that they are missing their art lesson and would like some ideas of creative things they can do at home. I have added a document that gives you a few projects and clips to explore all about ‘jungle leaves’ and Henri Rousseau (which I think some of you might have learnt about with Mrs D in year 3).



It is quite tricky to learn ‘new’ vocabulary in French at home, so I though you could have a go at unscrambling letters to make up names of pets. Enjoy!

unscramble-words french

Have a wonderful week,

Miss Glover