Home Leaning- Class 4 (25-29)

Hello Class 4,

Another week has passed and I am really missing seeing everybody’s smiley faces. I hope that we will all be back at school together soon. But until then, I hope you are all staying safe and looking after your families.

Timetable: Monday 25th January

This week we will be adding and subtracting fractions. You have all made a brilliant start to this topic with your successful work on equivalent fractions and finding fractions of amounts. Y4s you will be focusing on adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and Y5s you will be looking at fractions with different denominators.

Monday Maths

Tuesday Adding fractions Y5 answers

Tuesday adding fractions Y5

Y4 Tuesday

Wednesday Maths Y4 (with answers)

Wednesday Maths Y5 (with answers)

Thursday Y4 maths

Thursday Y5

Y4 Challenge answers- Friday

Y4 Challenge- Friday

Y5 Challenge- Friday answers

Y5 Challenge- Friday

I will also add some additional resources but please DO NOT feel you have to complete them- they are here as an ‘extra’ for those of you who work through and want more.

Big Challenge for those who want an extra

Extra challenge Y4

Extra challenge

Pyramid adding fractions- extra work

SPaG, will include a variety of activities all about ‘subordinate clauses’. You were all experts at relative clauses last week, so I have no doubt you will be able to work through these activities independently again.

SPaG (all days)

We will be continuing planning for writing our own newspaper reports, the Oak Academy video focuses on helping you to plan and write a report based on the film ‘Hoodwinked’ (an adaptation of little red riding hood). However, this is not necessarily what you have to write your report about, I know many of you have your own ideas and are keen to base your report using your own imagination. That is absolutely fine, but please don’t feel pressured to.

Support with writing your own report- English

This is to be used if you choose your own topic to write about and need to plan: Newspaper report plan- some of you already completed this last wekk

Newspaper template

Newspaper wordmat

For the afternoon, I have tried to stick (as best as I can) to our ‘normal’ subjects. Again, I have tried to include video links.

French shopping list

Viking homes with activity

PSHE activity

I hope you all have another successful week and have enjoyed playing in the snow today.

Keep up all your hard work,

Miss Glover