Happy New Year – Class 3


Dear Class 3 Parents,

Welcome back and ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!! A big thank you for all the cards and gifts the class 3 team have received, it was very much appreciated.

Spring Term is upon us and our topics are– Stone-Age (hunter gatherers) and Amazon Rainforest (after half term). If you have an interesting books on these topics, please bring them in.

Our literacy work will involve the very imaginative story of ‘Stone Age Boy’

Here’s the blurb ….

An amazing thing once happened to me – I tripped and fell and found myself in a place where everything was different, where the people wore animal skins and hunted and fished for their food. I had such fun in that strange place and I learnt so much, but all the time I kept wondering where I was. Was it possible? Had I Travelled… to the Stone Age!

The mathematics covered this term will be 2D& 3D shape, additive reasoning, fractions and word problems.

Finally, can I remind all parents that reading books and PE kits need to be in school everyday.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Ford, Mrs Davies, Mrs Smith & Miss Messenger