Final week of Home Learning!!

Hello Class 4,

You have done it, you have got to the last week of home learning- I think you need to take this moment to give yourselves a huge pat on the back and congratulation yourselves on everything that you have managed to achieve at home. Although you may be feeling relieved to be returning to school next week, I really hope that you are finishing this final week learning at home feeling proud of yourselves and your parents/ relatives for all of the support they have given you too!

I can’t wait to see you all when we return to school next week! Have a wonderful week and enjoy this week’s activities.

Timetable: Monday 1st March

For English, I have tried to come up with a fun idea of you creating you own Mr Man/ Little Miss character and becoming authors by creating your own books. It is also world book day this week, so if you would like to explore some other activities, please look at their website:

Mr Bump- Monday

Little Miss Sunshine- Monday

Mr Men quiz

Tuesday English

Mini book template

Wednesday English

Wednesday Plan English

SPaG this week, is a recap on personification. You have a variety of tasks that will get you thinking about what human characteristics you can give to objects.

Tuesday SPaG

Wednesday SPaG

This week’s maths tasks are all about adding and subtracting decimals. You must be careful to keep your place value and line up your numbers correctly.

Monday Maths

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday extension

Wednesday Maths

Thursday Maths

Monday Maths

Friday Maths

Again, this week you have a variety of task to complete in the afternoon.

A world book day maths quiz

French labelling task

Therese’s Story

Wants and Needs cards

Enjoy and take care,

Miss Glover