The Tyndale Cluster

Slimbridge school is a partner in a group of six small rural primary schools in South Gloucestershire, this group is referred to as the Tyndale Cluster.

This partnership of schools enables us to share expertise and experience, and bid for further funding to purchase resources and training for staff, parents, governors and children.

The Cluster helps us maintain and improve the quality of education delivered to our children within our own community by providing mutual support.
The Cluster organises activities where pupils come together to work on a common project or topic.

The Schools in The Tyndale Cluster are

* Coaley C .of E. Primary School,
* Hillesley C .of E. Primary School,
* Kingswood County Primary School,
* North Nibley C .of E. Primary School,
* Slimbridge County Primary School,
* Stone-with-Woodford C .of E. Primary School.

Staff and governors from these schools meet regularly to develop and review curricular practice including schemes of work, and to discuss management issues particularly related to the small school.
Some joint resources have been purchased and every school in the group has found considerable benefit from the association, which provides broader perspectives from a wider group of experienced professionals to every group member.

The Cluster helps us to maintain and improve the quality of education delivered to our children within our community.  Across the Cluster we organise a ‘Local Curriculum’ where we link with other schools to investigate and explore the local environment and local history developing awareness in the children of where they live, people or events of specific and national interest and how the locality has changed over time.  We will also look at how the school community fits into the multi-cultural society of Great Britain and the wider world.

The Cluster is committed to providing children with experience of the rural environment they live in, through developing play and outdoor learning on our own sites and at Forest Schools.  In addition, we continue to develop links with the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, local history societies, Arts programmes and energy companies.  This area is rich in history and is a diverse environment and we have much to learn.