Class 5 Learning – Monday 22nd Feb

Hello Class 5, 

I hope that everyone has had a brilliant half term break – hopefully it won’t be long until we hear that schools are re-opening and we can all be back together once again – we are all missing your smiling faces!

Thank you for all your amazing hardworking last term – we have really enjoyed seeing all your work and hope that everyone has managed to learn something new.

For the next 2 weeks, I have decided to do a ‘mini’ topic on CASTLES. I had fun researching all the facts, so I hope you do too. 

Our English and topic learning will be linked as usual – please see the powerpoint which explains all the activities I’d like you to complete for both. 

In maths, we are looking at data and statistics. There are some bar charts and line graphs to interpret and draw as well as some arithmetic. We will be having 2 weeks off our ‘demon’ maths 🙂 

Please read the class plan here: Class 5 home learning Feb 22nd. Class 5 home learning Feb 22nd.  and see the downloads which go with each day. As usual, you do not need to complete everything!

Topic and English Links: 

castles1 powerpoint which explains all the tasks


legend of king Arthur reading comprehension 

castle features to label



A Bad Sign by Dan Smith – Story and Questions


monday arithmetic medium

monday arithmetic and answers hard


Easy Maths: colour tally charts easy

Med/Hard maths:

Complete the questions that go with the above video:

Arty draw-alongs:

Either – The Mandalorian helmet:

Or – (my favourite) A Dragon/dinosaur Eye



phrases and clauses

Easy Maths: drawing bar charts wed

Med/Harder: leisure_centre_bar_chart




Phrase-or-Clause-WORKSHEET 2

Easy Maths:

Complete sunflower line graph worksheet: sunflower line graph 2    and T2-M-235-Sunflower-Line-Graph-Worksheet

Med/Harder Maths:

Watch this youtube video, which explains how to read line graphs

Watch this Powerpoint explaining how to read line graphs: Presentation – Read and Interpret Line Graphs

complete the questions that go with the video above:  or    corbett matsh worksheet



Why do Dragons Make Good Pets – Comprehension Pack

Maths Easy: drawing bar charts easy

Medium: Temperature Middle

Harder: Activity Sheet – Read and Interpret Line Graphs

Answers – Read and Interpret Line Graphs

Horizontal Format – Draw Line Graphs

Line graph SATS questions