Class 5 Home Learning – Monday 8th Feb – 12th

Hello Children, Parents and Carers, 

Well done, you have almost made it through nearly 6 weeks of learning from home. You have all done amazingly well, so here is your final week’s worth of work before you have a very well-deserved week off 🙂 

As usual – here is your weekly timetable of daily activities in both word and pdf format. All extra documents are linked under each specific day. I hope you enjoy this week’s tasks. 

Class 5 home learning FEB 8TH (word)

Class 5 home learning FEB 8TH(pdf)


Investigating Fingerprints – powerpoint


easy demon 8th feb (easy)

mini demon 8th feb (mid-hard)

tricky demon feb 8th (challenge)



Find my word

Lower Ability – times on clocks (EASY) 

Lower Ability – times on clocks 2

reading_time_jigsaw2 mid-hard

time_jigsaw2 mid-hard

T2-M-1587-KS2-Reasoning-Test-Read-Write-and-Convert-Time-Between-Analogue-and-Digital-12-hour-Clocks (harder)

T2-M-1588-KS2-Reasoning-Test-Practice-Read-Write-and-Convert-24-Hour-Times (harder) 



verbs and nouns

a day out timetables (Easier)

Football Themed Differentiated Time Activity Sheet – Middle Ability

Football Themed Differentiated Time Activity Sheet – Higher Ability

This week’s arty draw along:

This week, I wanted to give you a choice:

WW1 spitfire:

or a sea turtle:

 or a tarantula spide


Two Star Non-Fiction Pack – Dogs  – mid-harder

Building a Den Stage 2 Comp – VIPERS Comprehension  – easier

royal wedding timetable (Easier)

TimeTables (easy-mid) 

internation time zones (medium) 

timetravellers time zones (hard) 

time-112457 (sats questions mid/hard) 



mystery of the valentines chocolates (EASY) 

murder at the movies (MEDIUM) 

Death in the Library story (HARD) 

death in the library clues

death in the library suspects

death in the library ANSWERS