Class 4


Welcome to Class 4

We are a Key stage 2 class of Year 4 and 5 children. Our Teacher is Miss Glover and she is helped by Mrs Smith, Mrs Wilde and Miss Wilkins. We are situated in the outside, eco-friendly classroom.

We enjoy learning maths, science and writing the most; we also like going to after school clubs. We think our lessons are really good and this year we want to do lots of topic work.

Class 4 Blog

Summer term

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back into Class 4. I hope that you all enjoyed your break and you took some time to relax, being at home without the stresses of ‘home learning’. I am hoping that this term will be an enjoyable one for all of the children and they will be excited about our new topics and opportunities to learn.

The topic for this term is ‘inventions’. We will be focusing on the book, ‘Until I met Dudley’ by Roger McGough, during our English lessons. The topic will involve designing their own inventions and looking carefully at explanatory texts and instruction writing. I am hoping they will enjoy getting creative during this topic. The children have already been enjoying getting creative and have come up with some fantastic ideas.

We have started learning about some famous inventors and how their inventions have impacted our lives.

In Maths, the children have been exploring different shapes and angles, some of us will be starting to use protractors to measure angles.

In Science, we will be looking at electricity and will even be making our own string telephones. The topic has started well with a sound walk around school, we’ve decided that the noisiest area of the school is by Class 1.

PE will continue to be taught on a Tuesday, but once again please could all children have their PE kits in school every day with long hair tied back and earrings taken out.

I am not setting homework this term, as I would really like the children to spend time reading regularly at home. It really is so vital that children are exposed to a breadth of language and are learning new vocabulary daily. We were very lucky to receive some new brilliant books from FOSS at the end of last term, which are waiting to be read!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via Tapestry.

Kind regards,

Miss Glover and the Class 4 team.



Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Thursday 4th March is WORLD BOOK DAY!

Sadly we can’t all be together to celebrate in our usual way, but don’t worry – we have plenty of fun activities for you to have a go at from the comfort of your home.

World Book Day is about promoting the enjoyment of reading, encouraging children (and adults) to read for pleasure and explore different types of reading materials.

Please take a look at the photo slides for a short introduction to WBD and posters informing you of some live events for all age groups that you can get involved in. Here are some of the links you might be interested in:

Little Otters/Reception – Follow the link to some lovely stories to watch and listen to  and some fun activities too 

Reception/KS1 – Follow this link to listen to stories being read  and some fun activities too 

KS2 – Follow these links for some ‘live’ share a story book events: 

some author/illustrator academy: 

and lots more resources: 

Please also look out for a post from Mrs Carter with all the links to our YouTube school channel of teaching staff reading stories throughout lockdown. We hope you enjoy them.


Here are some activities for you to do at home and to upload to Tapestry is you wish.

1. Make a book character/characters out of loo roll or a potato! – prizes will be given for impressive characters!
2. Make a cozy reading den – send us your photos of your den!
3. EXTREME READING – Reading in strange places! – prizes will be given for the next extreme reader photos!

Please see the information sheets about all three of these events here: 

Your FREE £1 Book Token is attached to the Tapestry post for you to download. 

We hope you enjoy some of these activities but whatever you do, take some time out to READ this week 🙂

Final week of Home Learning!!

Hello Class 4,

You have done it, you have got to the last week of home learning- I think you need to take this moment to give yourselves a huge pat on the back and congratulation yourselves on everything that you have managed to achieve at home. Although you may be feeling relieved to be returning to school next week, I really hope that you are finishing this final week learning at home feeling proud of yourselves and your parents/ relatives for all of the support they have given you too!

I can’t wait to see you all when we return to school next week! Have a wonderful week and enjoy this week’s activities.

Timetable: Monday 1st March

For English, I have tried to come up with a fun idea of you creating you own Mr Man/ Little Miss character and becoming authors by creating your own books. It is also world book day this week, so if you would like to explore some other activities, please look at their website:

Mr Bump- Monday

Little Miss Sunshine- Monday

Mr Men quiz

Tuesday English

Mini book template

Wednesday English

Wednesday Plan English

SPaG this week, is a recap on personification. You have a variety of tasks that will get you thinking about what human characteristics you can give to objects.

Tuesday SPaG

Wednesday SPaG

This week’s maths tasks are all about adding and subtracting decimals. You must be careful to keep your place value and line up your numbers correctly.

Monday Maths

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday extension

Wednesday Maths

Thursday Maths

Monday Maths

Friday Maths

Again, this week you have a variety of task to complete in the afternoon.

A world book day maths quiz

French labelling task

Therese’s Story

Wants and Needs cards

Enjoy and take care,

Miss Glover

Class 4 Home Learning WB 22.2.21

Hello Class 4,

I really hope you have all had a lovely and much deserved break from home learning during half term. I am sure your parents have enjoyed a week where they don’t need to think about fronted adverbials or fractions!

I am hopeful that this is one of the last weeks that we will need to set ‘home learning’ work and that we will all be able to return to the classroom soon!

Again, I will add the timetable for the activities to complete this week but please don’t feel pressure to do everything or stick to it if it doesn’t work for you.

Monday 22nd February


Thursday Metaphor match

Tuesday SPaG-

Monday English

Wednesday Simile cards


Tuesday; English




Wednesday example


Monday Maths harder

PP for Monday

Tuesday- easier

Tuesday more challenging

Wednesday maths work

Thursday Rounding decimlas using a numberline with answers

Thursday Rounding to the nearest whole number (with answers)

Rounding decimals worksheets

Rounding Money- Friday extension

Place value grid

Friday Maths


FairTrade topic grid

French body parts with audio

French body parts

PSHE Monday

Science- Monday

Property sort answerws

Property sort Monday

I wanted to take this time to say how brilliantly you all did last term and I am sure you will continue to impress. I am looking forward to seeing some of you in school this week and hearing from others on Tapestry.

Have a wonderful week,

Miss Glover

Home learning for Class 4 (8-13 Feb)

Hello Class 4,

You have done it- you’ve made it to the last week of home learning for this term, your break is right around the corner. You have all done such an amazing job and should feel so proud of yourself (parents I’m talking to you too)!

Timetable: Monday 8th February

I will add the activities for the week on Tapestry and the website, I hope this suits everybody.


Additional SPaG activity

Missing Prepositions

Preposition Match Game

Thursday SPaG

Tuesday SPaG

Wednesday prepostional openers


Friday example cat

Friday example poppy

Friday example

Games to evaluate- Tuesday

Instruction writing- Thursday

Monday English

Tuesday English

Wednesday English

Wednesday- Flowchart


Froday Maths= optional

Method two poster

Monday Maths to be completed alongside Oak Academy lesson

Thursday Maths- more challenging

Thursday Maths- slightly easier

Tuesday Maths

Wednesday Maths


French dominoes

French quiz

PSHE Monday


Science – Monday

I hope you all have a successful and happy week, please remember that you DO NOT need to complete everything. Do what feels right for you and know that keeping yourselves in a good state is the most important thing.

Stay safe and thank you for your continued support,

Miss Glover