Class 4


Welcome to Class 4

We are a Key stage 2 class of Year 4 and 5 children. Our Teacher is Miss Glover and she is helped by Mrs Smith, Mrs Wilde and Miss Wilkins. We are situated in the outside, eco-friendly classroom.

We enjoy learning maths, science and writing the most; we also like going to after school clubs. We think our lessons are really good and this year we want to do lots of topic work.

Class 4 Blog

Class 4 Home Learning WB 22.2.21

Hello Class 4,

I really hope you have all had a lovely and much deserved break from home learning during half term. I am sure your parents have enjoyed a week where they don’t need to think about fronted adverbials or fractions!

I am hopeful that this is one of the last weeks that we will need to set ‘home learning’ work and that we will all be able to return to the classroom soon!

Again, I will add the timetable for the activities to complete this week but please don’t feel pressure to do everything or stick to it if it doesn’t work for you.

Monday 22nd February


Thursday Metaphor match

Tuesday SPaG-

Monday English

Wednesday Simile cards


Tuesday; English




Wednesday example


Monday Maths harder

PP for Monday

Tuesday- easier

Tuesday more challenging

Wednesday maths work

Thursday Rounding decimlas using a numberline with answers

Thursday Rounding to the nearest whole number (with answers)

Rounding decimals worksheets

Rounding Money- Friday extension

Place value grid

Friday Maths


FairTrade topic grid

French body parts with audio

French body parts

PSHE Monday

Science- Monday

Property sort answerws

Property sort Monday

I wanted to take this time to say how brilliantly you all did last term and I am sure you will continue to impress. I am looking forward to seeing some of you in school this week and hearing from others on Tapestry.

Have a wonderful week,

Miss Glover

Home learning for Class 4 (8-13 Feb)

Hello Class 4,

You have done it- you’ve made it to the last week of home learning for this term, your break is right around the corner. You have all done such an amazing job and should feel so proud of yourself (parents I’m talking to you too)!

Timetable: Monday 8th February

I will add the activities for the week on Tapestry and the website, I hope this suits everybody.


Additional SPaG activity

Missing Prepositions

Preposition Match Game

Thursday SPaG

Tuesday SPaG

Wednesday prepostional openers


Friday example cat

Friday example poppy

Friday example

Games to evaluate- Tuesday

Instruction writing- Thursday

Monday English

Tuesday English

Wednesday English

Wednesday- Flowchart


Froday Maths= optional

Method two poster

Monday Maths to be completed alongside Oak Academy lesson

Thursday Maths- more challenging

Thursday Maths- slightly easier

Tuesday Maths

Wednesday Maths


French dominoes

French quiz

PSHE Monday


Science – Monday

I hope you all have a successful and happy week, please remember that you DO NOT need to complete everything. Do what feels right for you and know that keeping yourselves in a good state is the most important thing.

Stay safe and thank you for your continued support,

Miss Glover


Home learning Class 4 (1-5th Feb)

Hello Class 4,

Timetable: Monday 1st February

You have managed another week of home learning, so well done to you all. I know many of you are missing being at school and I am really missing seeing you all there. Maybe this week, you could write to somebody in our class or video call each other to see a familiar face.

For maths this week, we will be looking at tenths and hundredths.

Answers for BIG challenge Friday

BIG cahllenge booklet Friday

Decimals you choose the challenge level- Thursday

Fractions tenths- Tuesday

Hundredths- Wednesday

Y5 Challenge

Monday Maths

Tuesday- sequencing

Writing decimals as fractions- Y5 Extra challenge- Wednesday

Additional maths- Tuesday and Wednesday

SPaG, will include a variety of activities all about fronted adverbials- you are all familiar with them so you should be able to complete all the SPaG activities independently.

SPaG For the week

I have to say, I was blown away by how brilliant your newspaper reports were, you manage to write in a very grown up way, which you should all feel incredibly proud of. This week, we will be working on descriptive writing- I hope you enjoy having a little more freedom and show off your own style of writing.

Creative writing- English tasks

English M.T.W

Setting word mat

Character description word mat

Spot the mistake activity

Correct the sentences activity

For the afternoon, I have tried to stick (as best as I can) to our ‘normal’ subjects. Again, I have tried to include video links.

PSHE monday

Topic questions- Tuesday

Viking bread

Garlic Mushrooms

French outline of a pizza

I hope you all have another successful week.

Keep up all your hard work,

Miss Glover

Home Leaning- Class 4 (25-29)

Hello Class 4,

Another week has passed and I am really missing seeing everybody’s smiley faces. I hope that we will all be back at school together soon. But until then, I hope you are all staying safe and looking after your families.

Timetable: Monday 25th January

This week we will be adding and subtracting fractions. You have all made a brilliant start to this topic with your successful work on equivalent fractions and finding fractions of amounts. Y4s you will be focusing on adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and Y5s you will be looking at fractions with different denominators.

Monday Maths

Tuesday Adding fractions Y5 answers

Tuesday adding fractions Y5

Y4 Tuesday

Wednesday Maths Y4 (with answers)

Wednesday Maths Y5 (with answers)

Thursday Y4 maths

Thursday Y5

Y4 Challenge answers- Friday

Y4 Challenge- Friday

Y5 Challenge- Friday answers

Y5 Challenge- Friday

I will also add some additional resources but please DO NOT feel you have to complete them- they are here as an ‘extra’ for those of you who work through and want more.

Big Challenge for those who want an extra

Extra challenge Y4

Extra challenge

Pyramid adding fractions- extra work

SPaG, will include a variety of activities all about ‘subordinate clauses’. You were all experts at relative clauses last week, so I have no doubt you will be able to work through these activities independently again.

SPaG (all days)

We will be continuing planning for writing our own newspaper reports, the Oak Academy video focuses on helping you to plan and write a report based on the film ‘Hoodwinked’ (an adaptation of little red riding hood). However, this is not necessarily what you have to write your report about, I know many of you have your own ideas and are keen to base your report using your own imagination. That is absolutely fine, but please don’t feel pressured to.

Support with writing your own report- English

This is to be used if you choose your own topic to write about and need to plan: Newspaper report plan- some of you already completed this last wekk

Newspaper template

Newspaper wordmat

For the afternoon, I have tried to stick (as best as I can) to our ‘normal’ subjects. Again, I have tried to include video links.

French shopping list

Viking homes with activity

PSHE activity

I hope you all have another successful week and have enjoyed playing in the snow today.

Keep up all your hard work,

Miss Glover

Home learning (18-22)

Hello Class 4,

I hope you and your families are staying safe and keeping well. It has been great to hear from so many of you this week. It seems Tapestry has recovered from all  the posts and high volume of users and is working well again.

Timetable: Monday 18th January

This week we will be continuing to explore fractions, in particular, finding fractions of amounts. This will include objects, money, and numbers. You are all so brilliant at your times tables, that I think one you’ve understood the method you need to apply, you will all be successful with. As requested, I have tried to include video links for most days to help you learn at home. Some of the activities set for each day are fairly long, so please don’t worry if you spread it out over a longer period of time, the timetable is there as a guide, so please don’t put pressure on yourselves.

Equivalent-Fractions- Challenge Y5 Monday

equivalent-fractions- Y4 answers Monday

equivalent-fractions- Y4 Monday

Fraction maze answers

Fraction maze for Friday

fraction-of-an-amount- Challenge Tuesday

Fractions of money- would you rather- Wednesday

Tuesday- finding fractions of amounts (less challenging)

SPaG, will include a variety of activities all about ‘relative clauses. They should be able to complete these tasks independently.

SPaG Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Yr 3 and 4 words grouped by area

Yr 5 and 6 words grouped by area

English is, without a doubt, the trickiest lesson to replicate at home, but you are all doing a marvellous job at trying your very best. This week there will be more of a focus on reading and planning. You are going to be looking at features of newspaper reports and have some fun sessions to complete.

Friday English


Thursday English

Tuesday and Wednesday English task

For the afternoon, I have tried to stick (as best as I can) to our ‘normal’ subjects. Again, I have tried to include video links.

Viking longship

French food sheet

Science work for Monday- to be done alongside video lesson

I hope you all have another successful week.

Keep up all your hard work,

Miss Glover