Class 3 Home Learning WB 8.2.21

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well. You should be very proud of yourselves with all your home learning which has taken place this term. One more week and then it is half term and time to relax.

This week you will continue your work ‘Honey and trouble’ in literacy and multiplication and division in mathematics. You will have your final lessons on Oceans, complete some French work and research five different animals in science.

Literacy – Developing Characters (continued)

Class 3 Home Learning Daily Literacy Plan. WB 8.2.21           Class 3 Literacy 8.2.21          Class 3 Literacy 9.2.21

Class 3 Literacy 10.2.21    Class 3 Literacy 11.2.21 & 12.2.21

Mathematics – Year 2 Arrays

Mathematics Year 2 suggested timetable and plan WB 8.2.21      Mathematics Year 2 Arrays 8.2.21 & 9.2.21

Mathematics Year 2 Arrays 10.2.21 & 11.2.21

Mathematics – Year 3 Multiplication/ division problems (including grid method)

Mathematics Year 3 suggested timetable and plan WB 8.2.21          Mathematics Year 3 Inverse 9.2.21

Mathematics Year 3 multiplication problems 10.2.21            Mathematics Year 3 Multiply divide word problems 11.2.21

Mathematics Year 3 Grid Method 12.2.21

French – Food (continued)

French sorting foods home learning

Geography – Oceans

Class 3 Oceans WB 8.2.21

Spellings and SPAG for Year 3

Spellings Year 3 2020 WEEK 17        Year 3 SPAG a or an WB 8.2.21

Finally, the Science this week is to research 5 different animals to find out which animal group they belong to and why. They are a shark, toad, penguin, elephant and a crocodile.

Science – Researching animal groups    

Science Researching Animal Groups WB 8.2.21

Have a good week.

Mr Ford