Class 3 Home Learning WB 25.1.21

Hi Class 3,

Another successful week of learning. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you for the work sent in via Tapestry.

Also, thank you to those who have sent in their ‘Positivity- What makes our school special’ thoughts. We are going to do some work on this in circle time upon our return to school.

This week in Literacy you have to write diary entries. This is writing we haven’t covered yet, so I have based it on the ‘moon landing’ as you know lots about it from our space topic. To help you with this I have attached a ‘checklist’. Fractions continues in mathematics with year 2 beginning to look at fractions of whole numbers and year 3 looking at non-unit fractions and tenths. You also have lessons 4 and 5 on oceans to look at. Science this week, consists of sorting animals into different groupings.

Literacy – Diary Entry

Class-3-Home-Learning-Daily-Literacy-Plan.-WB-25.1.21                Class 3 Diary Writing Moon Landing Powerpoint WB 25.1.21

Class 3 Diary Writing Checklist      Class 3 My Diary of the First Moon Landing Diary Writing Template    Class 3 Moon Landing Diary Example

Class 3 sequence of the moon landing      Class 3 The First Moon Landing Word Mat

Mathematics – Fractions continued (Year 2)

Mathematics Year 2 Suggested Timetable and Plan WB 25.1.21        Mathematics Year 2 Fractions of Quantities 27.1.21

Mathematics Year 2 consolidate Fractions 28.1.21    Mathematics Year 2 Consolidate fractions 2 29.1.21

Mathematics – Fractions continued (Year 3)

Mathematics Year 3 Suggested Timetable and Plan WB 25.1.21      Mathematics Year 3 Write the Fraction 26.1.21

Mathematics Year 3 colour Non-unit Fractions 27.1.21    Mathematics Year 3 Fractions on a number line 28.1.21    Mathematics Year 3 Tenths 29.1.21

Science – Different Animal Groups

Class 3 Science Sorting Animals

Geography – Oceans – Lesson 4 and 5

Class 3 Oceans WB 25.1.21 

SPAG and Spellings for Year 3

Class 3 Identifying adverbs      Spellings Year 3 2020 WEEK 15

Have a great week.

Mr Ford