Class 3 Home Learning WB 22.2.21

Hi Class 3,

Hope you all had a wonderful half term. The class 3 adults are missing you all and we are hopeful to be seeing you soon!! Mrs Cooke will keep you updated once we hear more about schools reopening.

Literacy for the next fortnight is all about ‘Persuasive Writing’. Mathematics for Year 2 is all about money and Year 3 have measurements using both centimetres and millimetres. Science is all about everyday materials and you will be looking at villages, towns and cities in geography. Once again, I am pushing back our Victorians topic for when we are in class.

Literacy – Persuasive Text 

Class 3 Home Learning Daily Literacy Plan. WB 22.2.21       Class 3 Literacy 22.2.21    Class 3 Literacy 23.2.21             Class 3 Literacy 24.2.21                                  Class 3 Literacy 25.2.21        Class 3 Literacy 26.2.21

Maths – Year 2 Money

Mathematics Year 2 suggested timetable and plan WB 22.2.21      Mathematics Year 2 show me the money 23.2.21

Mathematics Year 2 ordering coins 24.2.21      Mathematics Year 2 Matching coins and notes 25.2.21

Mathematics Year 2 compare amounts 26.2.21

Maths – Year 3 Measures

Mathematics Year 3 suggested timetable and plan WB 22.2.21  Mathematics Year 3 Measuring in cm 22.2.21     Mathematics Year 3 cm and line plot 23.2.21

Mathematics Year 3 Measure in mm 25.2.21 Mathematics Year 3 Measure cm mm 24.2.21

Geography – villages, towns and cities

Villages, towns and cities WB 22.2.21

Science – Everyday Materials

Class 3 Science Everyday Materials

Year 3 SPAG and spellings

Year 3 SPAG Conjunctions 22.2.21    Spellings Year 3 2020 WEEK 18

I am in school this week so I will be seeing some of you in the Key Worker group, although I will be teaching year 5 and 6.

Have a great week. See you soon.

Mr Ford