Class 3 Home Learning WB 18.1.21

Hi Class 3 Parents,

I hope the first full week of home learning has been a success. The dragon reports have been outstanding, full of imagination, similes and powerful adjectives. Well done on your adding and subtracting along with your science work.

This week your literacy work is ‘instructional writing’ called How to Trap a Dragon’. Your mathematics work is all about Fractions and you have a geography lesson to complete on ‘Oceans’.

I also attach some SPAG work for Year 3. Year 2 will continue to get their phonics work via Mrs Cooke.

Literacy – How to Trap a Dragon

Class 3 Home Learning Daily Literacy Plan. WB 18.1.21

Class 3 How to trap a dragon instructions

Class 3 Imperative verbs worksheet 18.1.21

How to Trap a Dragon Tuesday 19th Jan

How to catch a dragon template Fri 22nd Jan

Class 3 Imperative verbs Word Mat

Maths – Year 2 Fractions

Mathematics Year 2 Suggested Timetable and Plan WB 18.1.21      Maths Year 2 Is it a half 18.1.21    Maths Year 2 Finding Quarters 19.1.21

Maths Year 2 Shade half Quarters 20.1.21       Maths Year 2 three-quarters 21.1.21

Maths Year 2 Read and Colour the fraction 22.1.21

Maths Year 3 Fractions

Mathematics Year 3 Suggested Timetable and Plan WB 18.1.21         Maths Year 3 Equal or Unequal 19.1.21

Maths Year 3 Fraction maze 20.1.21    Maths Year 3 Missing number Fractions 21.1.21      Maths Year 3 Super Spells Fractions 22.1.21

Geography – Oceans

Class 3 Geography Oceans Task        Class 3 Oceans of the World

SPAG – Year 3

Year 3 SPAG ‘ly’ Word Match 18.1.21

Hope everyone has a great week.

Mr Ford