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Welcome to Class 3’s page. We are a class of Year 2 and Year 3 children.

Our Teacher is Mr Ford and he is helped by our fantastically creative Teaching Assistant Mrs Davies. We are also helped by our class volunteer, Miss Messenger.

Our class really like going on trips and exploring the world around us, we really enjoy going to Forest Schools at Redwood and playing with our friends. We feel safe in our class because everyone is kind. We are particularly good at writing and maths and like a challenge. Our Year 2 and 3 children go swimming and our Year 3s also learn to play chess.


Class 3 Blog

Welcome to Class 3

Dear Parents,


Welcome back and into Class 3, I hope you all enjoyed a great summer holiday.

Reading will continue to be a priority this year. We have an allocated slot in the timetable for reading so please could your child bring their reading book and reading record everyday. As they are reaching ‘juniors’ they will become more responsible for changing their own books. All children will be given a ‘Times Table’ book to practice at home and they will have a test every Monday. For those children who are already secure with their times tables, the Monday test will consist of 2 step multiplication and division problems.

The topic for this term is ‘The Victorians – Working Children’! This looks to be a very interesting topic so if you have any thing at home on Victorian Britain please bring it in!

Class 3 will once again be involved in swimming lessons this year. However, swimming will  take place in the spring/summer term, so more information will follow later in the year.

There are a few faces that appear in Class 3 throughout the week. Mrs Davies has responsibility for Art and Design technology, whilst Mrs Cooke and Mrs Wood teach RE and French on a Friday afternoon. Mrs Cooke will be teaching the year 2s ‘Spelling and Grammar’ for a short session every morning, whilst I teach the year 3s. Miss Messenger is also continuing her role as volunteer Teaching Assistant a few days a week. This year we also welcome Mrs Smith and Mrs Wilde who will continue their fantastic work with the year 3 children.

PE will be taught on a Wednesday, however, please could all children have their PE kits in school everyday with long hair tied back and earrings taken out.

Year 2 children will continue to get a free snack for morning break, unfortunately from year 3, (Key Stage 2) parents are asked to provide a morning break time snack (a piece of fruit or a breakfast bar).

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to pop in at the end of the school day. I am looking forward to working with you all over the coming year.

Kind Regards,

Chris Ford

Otter Adoption

Our School Council’s initiative this term was to adopt one of the WWT otters.

After some fundraising, we raised enough money to pay for one year’s adoption.

Last week, the School Council members went to the WWT to test out some brand new educational resources and at the same time, purchased the adoption pack. They were very excited – especially about the cuddly otter toy we got as well – another welcome addition to our school!

As a school, we feel really supported by the WWT who are always very generous when we visit them for class trips. The school council felt that we ought to ‘pay it forward’ and support our local environment by adopting one of their many animals. The whole school are interested in adopting a bird from the WWT in the new year, so fundraising will no doubt begin again – but this time with a brand new school council.


Last Monday, we took a trip to the WWT. The focus of the trip was ‘Animals and their habitats’. We started the day by watching a video in the cinema which was about the past year and everything that has been happening in the centre. Then, we were set a task to label the different parts of the wetland environment on an aerial map- including reed beds, marsh lands and lakes. After that, we had the chance to go up the stair tower and look at the different areas of the wetlands for ourselves. There were lots of steps (around 75!) but it was well worth the climb.

We then had the opportunity to feed some of the birds and we looked at different feeding techniques. The highlight of the day for many was watching the 3 resident otters get fed- lots of the children had interesting questions and ideas about how the otters have adapted to their environment.

After lunch, the children had a project to think about how mammals live in a wetland. We focused on a beaver. An interesting fact we discovered was that beavers are born with orange teeth- the orange is a thick layer of enamel which means that they can gnaw on wood.

As a special treat the children were able to do some amphibian handling, which everyone enjoyed (after some reluctance by a few of us!) We all agreed that it was a fantastic day!


Are your children SMART about smartphones?

Many of our children now own a smartphone but are they fully aware of how to keep themselves safe from a whole number of online problems?

The following information in the link below aims to help you and your family be more savvy phone users. It talks about real CURRENT issues that crop up everyday in society – such as using ‘messenger’ apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Kik. It also touches areas such a cyberbullying, buying things online, sharing personal information as well as the dangers of sexting.

I am sure that for most parents, these issues seem like they belong in secondary school settings, but sadly these are real problems happening right now in primary schools across the country. With more access to the online world and the increases in peer pressure, we really need to help our children find their way through the online world. Please help them not to get lost!

Click on the handy links below to find out more information about staying safe online.



Jeans for Genes Day

Friday 22nd September is Jeans for Genes Day. Children can wear jeans to school for a donation of £1.00 which goes towards research into genetic disorders. Some children in class 5 will be doing a presentation about the cause in the Friday afternoon assembly. There will also be a whole school cake sale to raise… Continue Reading

Dates for your Diaries!

Dear Parents, The last few weeks of the academic year are slowly creeping up on us all. There are a number of events scheduled for the last few weeks which may apply to you. These dates are detailed below for your information and are also on our website’s calendar. Monday 12th June – Friday 16th… Continue Reading

Online Safety Update – March 2017

Childnet has a lot of free advice for parents and carers regarding online safety. The downloadable leaflet below give parents and carers advice about how to talk about the important issues such as: CONDUCT – Helping children understand the impact that their online activity has on themselves and others. CONTENT – As parents, carers and teachers,… Continue Reading

Where’s Wally?

On this coming Friday (3rd March) we will be celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY. Don’t forget to dress up as WALLY! Continue Reading

Online Safety in Year 3/4

Later on this week, our local volunteer police officer will be talking to children in years 3 and 4 about the importance of staying safe when using the internet. Watch this space to find out about the different tips and strategies we can all take to keep everyone safe. Continue Reading