Welcome to Year 3.  

We are a small class of Year 3 children.

The teaching in Class 3 is shared between Mr Ford and Mrs Carter.

Mrs Davies is our fantastically creative teaching assistant and she teaches us amazing art lessons. 

We are also helped by Miss Messenger and Miss Seager. 

On Friday mornings, we have a special chess lesson and we love a challenge!

We feel safe in our class because everyone is kind.



Year 3 blog


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Thursday 4th March is WORLD BOOK DAY!

Sadly we can’t all be together to celebrate in our usual way, but don’t worry – we have plenty of fun activities for you to have a go at from the comfort of your home.

World Book Day is about promoting the enjoyment of reading, encouraging children (and adults) to read for pleasure and explore different types of reading materials.

Please take a look at the photo slides for a short introduction to WBD and posters informing you of some live events for all age groups that you can get involved in. Here are some of the links you might be interested in:

Little Otters/Reception – Follow the link to some lovely stories to watch and listen to https://www.worldbookday.com/share-a-story-corner/  and some fun activities too https://www.worldbookday.com/resources/ 

Reception/KS1 – Follow this link to listen to stories being read https://www.worldbookday.com/world-of-stories/  and some fun activities too https://www.worldbookday.com/resources/ 

KS2 – Follow these links for some ‘live’ share a story book events: https://www.worldbookday.com/events/ 

some author/illustrator academy: https://www.worldbookday.com/online-masterclasses/ 

and lots more resources: https://www.worldbookday.com/resources/primary/ 

Please also look out for a post from Mrs Carter with all the links to our YouTube school channel of teaching staff reading stories throughout lockdown. We hope you enjoy them.


Here are some activities for you to do at home and to upload to Tapestry is you wish.

1. Make a book character/characters out of loo roll or a potato! – prizes will be given for impressive characters!
2. Make a cozy reading den – send us your photos of your den!
3. EXTREME READING – Reading in strange places! – prizes will be given for the next extreme reader photos!

Please see the information sheets about all three of these events here: 

Your FREE £1 Book Token is attached to the Tapestry post for you to download. 

We hope you enjoy some of these activities but whatever you do, take some time out to READ this week 🙂

Class 3 Final Week of Home Learning WB 1.3.21

Hi Class 3,

We have got to the final week of home learning and all the class 3 adults are really looking forward to seeing you all.

For your final week you will finish your persuasion writing and complete another two geography lessons. Year 2 will continue with money in Mathematics and start to give change. Year 3 will have a go at calculating perimeter.

Literacy – Buy my honey! (continued)

Class 3 Home Learning Daily Literacy Plan. WB 1.3.21

Class 3 Literacy 1.3.21      Class 3 Literacy 2.3.21         Class 3 Literacy 3.3.21       Class 3 Literacy 4.3.21

Maths – Year 2 Money including giving change

Mathematics Year 2 suggested timetable and plan WB 1.3.21

Mathematics Year 2 Make the total 1.3.21      Mathematics Year 2 Adding two or more items 3.3.21

Mathematics Year 2 Giving change 4.3.21    Mathematics Year 2 Change from 50p 5.3.21

Maths – Year 3 Perimeter


Mathematics Year 3 Measuring to calculate perimeter 1.3.21    Mathematics Year 3 2D shapes perimeter 2.3.21

Mathematics Year 3 calculate perimeter 3.3.21    Mathematics Year 3 Perimeter word problems 4.3.21

Geography – Villages, towns and cities Lesson 3 and 4

Villages, towns and cities WB 1.3.21

Spellings and SPaG – Year 3

Spellings Year 3 2020 WEEK 19    Year 3 SPaG Prefix 1.3.21

All the class 3 adults will be back in school this week preparing for our reopening. Can’t wait to see you all.

Mr Ford

Class 3 Home Learning WB 22.2.21

Hi Class 3,

Hope you all had a wonderful half term. The class 3 adults are missing you all and we are hopeful to be seeing you soon!! Mrs Cooke will keep you updated once we hear more about schools reopening.

Literacy for the next fortnight is all about ‘Persuasive Writing’. Mathematics for Year 2 is all about money and Year 3 have measurements using both centimetres and millimetres. Science is all about everyday materials and you will be looking at villages, towns and cities in geography. Once again, I am pushing back our Victorians topic for when we are in class.

Literacy – Persuasive Text 

Class 3 Home Learning Daily Literacy Plan. WB 22.2.21       Class 3 Literacy 22.2.21    Class 3 Literacy 23.2.21             Class 3 Literacy 24.2.21                                  Class 3 Literacy 25.2.21        Class 3 Literacy 26.2.21

Maths – Year 2 Money

Mathematics Year 2 suggested timetable and plan WB 22.2.21      Mathematics Year 2 show me the money 23.2.21

Mathematics Year 2 ordering coins 24.2.21      Mathematics Year 2 Matching coins and notes 25.2.21

Mathematics Year 2 compare amounts 26.2.21

Maths – Year 3 Measures

Mathematics Year 3 suggested timetable and plan WB 22.2.21  Mathematics Year 3 Measuring in cm 22.2.21     Mathematics Year 3 cm and line plot 23.2.21

Mathematics Year 3 Measure in mm 25.2.21 Mathematics Year 3 Measure cm mm 24.2.21

Geography – villages, towns and cities

Villages, towns and cities WB 22.2.21

Science – Everyday Materials

Class 3 Science Everyday Materials

Year 3 SPAG and spellings

Year 3 SPAG Conjunctions 22.2.21    Spellings Year 3 2020 WEEK 18

I am in school this week so I will be seeing some of you in the Key Worker group, although I will be teaching year 5 and 6.

Have a great week. See you soon.

Mr Ford

Class 3 Home Learning WB 8.2.21

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well. You should be very proud of yourselves with all your home learning which has taken place this term. One more week and then it is half term and time to relax.

This week you will continue your work ‘Honey and trouble’ in literacy and multiplication and division in mathematics. You will have your final lessons on Oceans, complete some French work and research five different animals in science.

Literacy – Developing Characters (continued)

Class 3 Home Learning Daily Literacy Plan. WB 8.2.21           Class 3 Literacy 8.2.21          Class 3 Literacy 9.2.21

Class 3 Literacy 10.2.21    Class 3 Literacy 11.2.21 & 12.2.21

Mathematics – Year 2 Arrays

Mathematics Year 2 suggested timetable and plan WB 8.2.21      Mathematics Year 2 Arrays 8.2.21 & 9.2.21

Mathematics Year 2 Arrays 10.2.21 & 11.2.21

Mathematics – Year 3 Multiplication/ division problems (including grid method)

Mathematics Year 3 suggested timetable and plan WB 8.2.21          Mathematics Year 3 Inverse 9.2.21

Mathematics Year 3 multiplication problems 10.2.21            Mathematics Year 3 Multiply divide word problems 11.2.21

Mathematics Year 3 Grid Method 12.2.21

French – Food (continued)

French sorting foods home learning

Geography – Oceans

Class 3 Oceans WB 8.2.21

Spellings and SPAG for Year 3

Spellings Year 3 2020 WEEK 17        Year 3 SPAG a or an WB 8.2.21

Finally, the Science this week is to research 5 different animals to find out which animal group they belong to and why. They are a shark, toad, penguin, elephant and a crocodile.

Science – Researching animal groups    

Science Researching Animal Groups WB 8.2.21

Have a good week.

Mr Ford



Class 3 Home Learning WB 1.2.21

Hi Class 3, Well done for ‘getting through’ week 4 and sending me some of your amazing work – I am super impressed. Only 2 weeks until half term!! We will be re-visiting fractions on our return to school but in the meantime I attach some Fraction booklets (year 2 and year 3) to practice… Continue Reading

Class 3 Home Learning WB 25.1.21

Hi Class 3, Another successful week of learning. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you for the work sent in via Tapestry. Also, thank you to those who have sent in their ‘Positivity- What makes our school special’ thoughts. We are going to do some work on this in circle time upon… Continue Reading

Year 3 Spellings 15.1.21

Hi Year 3, Your spellings didn’t seem to work via Tapestry. Please find them below. Spellings Year 3 2020 WEEK 14 Take care Mr Ford Continue Reading

Class 3 Home Learning WB 18.1.21

Hi Class 3 Parents, I hope the first full week of home learning has been a success. The dragon reports have been outstanding, full of imagination, similes and powerful adjectives. Well done on your adding and subtracting along with your science work. This week your literacy work is ‘instructional writing’ called How to Trap a… Continue Reading

Class 3 Home Learning WB 11.01.21

Hi Class 3, This work has already been posted on Tapestry but we are now looking at adding it onto the website. Literacy Dragon Images Class 3 Literacy Dragons Wed 6th – Fri 15th Jan 2021 Maths Mathematics YEAR 2 suggested timetable and links to teaching videos 6th Jan-15th Jan Mathematics YEAR 3 suggested timetable… Continue Reading