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Welcome to Class 2!

We are a very energetic bunch of Year 1 and Year 2s. Our teachers are Miss Harker and Mrs Clune. We are assisted by Miss Seager and Mrs Napier-Ford.

We really like writing stories and use Talk for Writing to practise our stories before we write them down.

Our maths target is to learn all our times tables.


Class 2 Blog

Class 2 Home Learning w.b. 18.01.21

Hi Class 2!

We have loved seeing all of your hard work on tapestry this week. There have been so many amazing descriptive sentences and brilliant interviews. Great to see all of your learning about capacity too. Wow!

This week we are going to start thinking about Tom’s next adventure – or you could put yourself in the story if you like!
There is a year 1 writing pack, a year 2 writing pack and a gentle writing pack aimed at children reading pink/just started red books.

In maths year 1 are going to start looking at equal groups and making groups of objects. Year 2 are going to be looking at multiplication – recapping some of our year 1 knowledge first 🙂

There is RE, Art, Science and topic challenge card activities for you to choose. We have loved seeing your Picasso portraits! This week you’re challenged to try abstract art. Continue to get your daily exercise in to keep your mind and body active and healthy.

There will be a few short videos to help with some of the different activities and I will post these on the day 🙂

Have a lovely week,
from Miss Harker and Mrs Clune 

Home Learning topic – science

Home Learning topic challenge cards – week beginning 18th Jan

Home Learning topic – RE week beginning 18th Jan

Home Learning topic – art week beginning 18th Jan

Year 1 maths week 3 equal groups

Year 2 maths week 3 multiplication

The Great Explorer Year 1 Week 3 Home learning pack

The Great Explorer Year 2 Home Learning pack week 3

The Great Explorer Alternative Gentle Home Learning pack week 3

Class 2 Home learning w.b. 11.01.21

Hello Class 2,
Well done everybody for such amazing work last week! We have been so impressed with all of the brilliant things you have done at home.
Here is this week’s work pack. 
There is a year 1 maths pack and a year 2 maths pack. There is a year 1 writing pack, a year 2 writing pack and an alternative writing pack for anyone who needs something less challenging.

There are some videos to go with the writing pack this week (they should become available on the day you need them):
The Great Explorer Story we read last week:
Tuesday story mapping Activity:
Wednesday interview activity:

I am going to be in school this week teaching Little Otters and Class 1 and 2 keyworkers this week so please be aware it may take me a little longer to get back to you.

Take care,
Miss Harker 

Topic home learning Art Week 2

Topic home learning activity RE week 2

Science and PE Week 2

Optional fun activities

Year 2 measurement week 2 length and height and capacity

Year 1 measurement week 2 length and height and capactiy

The Great Explorer Year 2 Week 2 Home Learning Pack

The Great Explorer Year 1 Week 2 Home Learning Pack

The Great Explorer Alternative Week 2 Home Learning Pack

Class 2 home learning pack 6/7/8 January

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy new year! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas of some kind, despite everything that is going on. We all want to say a big thank you for the lovely Christmas gifts! We are very sad not to be open for the time being. We have been adapting and planning for home learning and key worker groups.

Our topic for this term is ‘Explorers!’ We have been inspired by the snow and ice this Christmas, and we will be looking at the book ‘The Great Explorer’ by Chris Judge, about a boy who goes on a journey to the Arctic. We will be finding out about famous explorers and the places they go, and the different climates in the frozen poles and the equator.

We will post work on a Sunday for the week ahead, via Tapestry and the school website. There will be a mixture of worksheets and activities, Oak academy video lessons and some phonics for year 1 from me and Mrs Cooke for year 2 as before. Please send photos of your work – we would love to see it. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or if you would like any support. Miss Harker, Mrs Clune, Mrs Napier-Ford or Miss Seagar will reply – as in the previous isolation – however, please bear in mind there will be times that we are also teaching in key workers or caring for our own children! As before, we are always on the lookout for shooting star children!

We really appreciate all of your support,
Miss Harker, Mrs Clune, Mrs Napier-Ford and Miss Seagar 

The Great Explorer Week 1 Home Learning Pack

Year 1 measurement week 1 length and height

Year 2 measurement week 1 length and height

Topic home learning week 1

Using Tapestry – a guide for parents

Dear Parents, 

Mrs Mc has prepared some instructions for how you can upload children’s work to Tapestry.

Using Tapestry – A Guide for parents and carers

As a school, we will be using Tapestry as our main means of setting work and communicating with parents during lockdown.  Here is a quick guide to its main features – if you have any difficulties please do call the school and we will do our best to sort them out.

You can download the Tapestry app to your phone or tablet (see logo above) or you can go to the website:

How does Tapestry work?

Tapestry provides each individual child with their own Learning Journal held online. Parents and carers are given their own log-in using their email – you should have received an email link and using this you can set your own password. If you do not currently have access please inform school and we can resend the email link. Staff are given a secure log-in and they can then upload observations, photos or videos and set work, plus see any comments/observations parents have added.

What is the PIN set up for?

When you access Tapestry through a mobile phone or tablet, please set a unique PIN when you log in for the first time. This will be required whenever you return to the application or after the screen has locked.

How do I change my settings on the computer?

At the top right of your screen you will see your name, and selecting this will give you the option to ‘Edit Preferences’. Choose this option and you will be presented with a screen giving you the option to change your email address and password. You also have the option to receive an email whenever a new observation is added to your child’s Learning Journal – just tick or untick the relevant box if you would like to change this setting.

How do I change my settings on iPhone/iPad/Android?

To change your settings on the iPhone/iPad app, click the ‘gear’ button on the top right hand side of the application. This enables you to change your password and/or email address.

How can I view my child’s Learning Journal?

Once logged in, you will see your child’s observations/work on your home screen in a list – selecting any one of these will open up the observation for you to look at. You may add comments in the box at the bottom of the observation if you would like to – and we would love to receive such comments!

How do I add an entry to my child’s Learning Journal?

Choose the ‘Add Observation’ option (or the ‘plus’ icon on your iPhone/iPad/Android) and add the relevant information in the boxes on screen. Photos and videos may be uploaded by choosing the ‘add media’ option. When you have saved your observation, you may go back to the home screen at any time by choosing ‘home’.

Tapestry Guide for Parents

School will be CLOSED to ALL children tomorrow

Dear Parents and Carers,

Further to this evening’s announcement by the Prime Minister, our school will now be closed tomorrow to ALL pupils.

Teachers will spend tomorrow putting ‘online learning’ into place as well as organising suitable provision for our Key Worker and Vulnerable children.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and we will be in touch soon with further details about your child’s learning.

The Slimbridge Team







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Class 2 Home Learning 07.12.20

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Friday phonics ea (Miss Harker and Mrs Clune’s group)

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