Class 2 Learning at Home pack 11.05.20

Hello Class 2,

I hope you have all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and VE day in the sunshine. It’s been lovely to hear all your updates. I have been planting some broad beans out in my garden this week and they have grown little white flowers, which is exciting. They are attracting all sorts of different kinds of bees too! I wonder if you have seen any blossom, flowers and bees when you have been out and about.

This week we are going back to dragons to write an explanation, ‘How to Look After a Dragon’. You can choose any creature you like to write about, magical or non magical! I can’t wait to hear what you choose. You might want to use the same animal you wrote about last time, or you could choose a different one. It’s totally up to you.

Maths is all about multiplying. In class 2 we use objects a lot to help us to make groups of numbers. Things like dry pasta or beads will really help! We also draw pictures.

Year 2 have a reading comprehension about Amelia Earhart. To practise some spellings this week, have a look at these videos and games using homophones on BBC bitesize:

Amelia Earhart reading comprehension

Year 1 How to Look After A Dragon

Year 1 maths multiplication

Year 2 How to Look After A Dragon

Year 2 maths multiplication

Facts4life activity mat

Stay safe and have fun. Keep up the great learning!

Miss Harker