Class 2 Home Learning w.b. 25.01.21

Hello Class 2, 

This week we are going to be writing our own adventure stories. We are also going to be learning more about equal groups and year 2 will be learning more about multiplication. Sitting down to write a story can seem like a big and daunting challenge! I have broken it down into four days but you may want to split Monday’s part of the story into 2 days as it’s quite a big chunk. Take all the time you need. You could set yourself a target of 3 or 4 sentences a day if that helps. For maths and writing this week there is a year 1 pack, a year 2 pack and a gentle pack for children reading pink or who have just started reading red books. 

The Great Explorer Year 1 and 2 Week 4 writing pack

The Great Explorer Gentle Alternative Week 4 writing pack

Year 2 maths week 4 multiplication

Year 1 maths week 4 equal groups

Year 1 and 2 maths gentle alternative pack week 4 equal groups

This weeks topic work includes – Art, Science, and a project about the first explorers in Antarctica! Please don’t feel pressured to do it all, fit in what you can and adapt where necessary :-). Seeing your abstract portraits and science experiments last week really made me smile, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed doing them!

If we do get some snow over the next few days make sure you go outside and have some fun with your family away from school work. Hopefully we get enough to go sledging or make snowmen! Perhaps you could get creative with the snow and put some food colouring into a syringe and inject the snow to make some colourful patterns or pictures! If you have any water balloons you could fill them with coloured water and leave them out overnight to freeze. Once they’re frozen take the balloon off and see if you have a giant colourful marble in your garden! Just incase we don’t get any snow I’ve added in a sparkly snow dough recipe for some messy fun if you wish! 

Home learning – Polar Explorers week beg 25th Jan

Brave Explorers Job Advert week beg 25th Jan

Home learning – Art week beg 25th Jan

Home Learning – Polar Science Experiment week beg 25th Jan

Home learning fun – Sparkly Snow Cloud Dough Recipe

A mindful moment exercise

From Miss Harker and Mrs Clune