Class 2 home learning w.b. 01.02.21

Hi Class 2, 

Well done for all your hard work last week. We have all really enjoyed reading your stories! We have all been so impressed by not only the amazing writing you have done but also all the interesting science and creative art you have been doing too. I will be organising some prizes for everyone who has completed their story this week (or if you have a separate pack, your completed work!) If you are still writing that’s fine – send them whenever you finish! 🙂 This week we will be writing a report about our favourite Arctic animals. Year 1 will begin learning about sharing out numbers of objects and year 2 will finish off multiplication and begin looking at division. I will keep posting phonics daily and Mrs Cooke will be sending phonics for her group. I will be in school with keyworkers at the start of this week so please bear with me! If you need anything please get in touch. 

As before, there is a year 1 writing/maths pack, a  year 2 writing/maths pack and a gentle writing/maths pack aimed at those reading pink/just beginning red books. 

The Great Explorer Week 5 Year 1 Home Learning Pack

The Great Explorer Week 5 Year 2 Home Learning Pack 

The Great Explorer Gentle alternative pack Week 5 Home Learning Pack

Year 1 maths week 5 sharing equally

Year 2 maths week 5 multiplication and division

 Year 1 and 2 maths gentle alternative pack week 5 sharing 


Have a lovely week and make sure you take time to relax, have fun and have time outside 🙂 

Miss Harker and Mrs Clune