Class 2


Welcome to Class 2! We are a very energetic bunch of Year 1 and Year 2s. Our teacher is Miss Harker and we are assisted by Mrs Priday and Miss Seager.

We really like writing stories and use Talk for Writing to practise our stories before we write them down. Our maths target is to learn all our times tables.


Class 2 Blog


Slimbridge Primary School will be welcoming children back on Tuesday 3rd September for the start of the 2019-2020 academic year.

There is an INSET day on Monday 2nd September where all the teachers and school staff will make sure everything is prepared for the new year.

We look forward to seeing you all and welcoming our new children.

Have a wonderful summer holiday.


We have taken the decision to CLOSE school today due to the weather conditions and to ensure the safety of our pupils and staff  – many of whom have to travel a distance to get to school.

Enjoy the snow, stay warm and take care.


This term – Dinosaurs!


Welcome back to Class 2 in 2019! We are looking forward to a new topic this term: Dinosaurs! The children will be carrying out their own research about dinosaurs using laptops and non-fiction texts. They will then learn about different non-fiction text types including leaflets and reports to organise and communicate information effectively. The children will create their own leaflet about dinosaurs and will write a non-chronological report about a dinosaur of their choice. This term’s fiction text is ‘The Little Green Dinosaur’. Following our Talk for Writing format, the children will learn the model text, becoming familiar with the language and plot of the story. The children will then create their own dinosaur stories based on this story.

In Maths, the children will continue to develop their understanding and ability to use money. They will solve real-life problems involving the four calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and will also practice and develop their understanding of place value. The children will continue to develop quick recall of number facts, such as doubles and halves. Year 2 children will continue working on their times tables with Miss Lucia on a Monday and your help at home with this essential skill is much appreciated.

In topic work, the children will be learning all about Fossils and the famous English paleontologist, Mary Anning. Our Computing unit this term will teach the children about algorithms using Scratch Jr. software. Mrs Cooke will continue to teach Art on a Monday afternoon and has lots of exciting plans for dinosaur themed projects.

As the weather is quite chilly, our PE unit this term will be indoor dance. Therefore, children will not need the usual trainers, jogging bottoms and jumpers. To make sure we have enough time in the hall, PE this term will be on Thursday afternoons.

We would love for children to bring in show and tell, however please make sure this is topic related and to avoid children’s disappointment in not having time to show items, please only bring in show and tell on the designated day; the last Friday of term.

Many thanks,

Mrs Clune and Mrs Wood

Class 2 – Term 2

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely week off. Going into the colder weather can we please just remind everyone to ensure children are sent with warm coats and winter wear.

This term our topic is ‘Blast off’.  We will be learning all about the planets and space.  We are looking forward to learning lots of interesting facts.

In Literacy this term, we will be reading ‘The man on the moon’ by Simon Bartram.  We be learning about Bob’s new job on the moon and going on our very own space journey in class. We will be focusing on recounting events in order and discussing our favorite parts of the story. Are there really aliens on the moon?

Our second book in literacy for the term will be ‘Whatever next’ by Jill Murphy. We will be describing fictional locations and events, expanding our adjectives vocabulary.

In Maths this term we will be focusing on shape, securing our skills with addition and subtraction, sequencing events and number facts.  With our Year 1’s we are pushing them to refine their number formation and recognition of mathematical symbols. Our Year 2’s will continue with their times tables and any practice they can do on these at home is much appreciated as their times tables really help them with all the math work they then do in the classroom.

Class 2 – Term 1

Welcome to Class 2!  This term our topic is ‘Jungle Explorers’.  We will be learning all about the plants and animals that live in the jungle.  We are looking forward to creating lots of lovely paintings and art work as part of our topic work for this term.

In Literacy this term, we will be reading ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry.  We will be discussing our favorite words and phrases in this story, as well as looking at the message of the story.  The Year 2’s in our class will be writing their own stories about a habitat in danger and will also create their own leaflets to encourage us to save the rain forest.  Year 1’s will be researching different animals that live in the jungle and writing sentences about them.  They will also create posters to encourage others to be environmentally friendly.

In Maths this term we will be focusing on Number, place value and addition.  Children will develop confidence in their understanding of 2 digit numbers and will be learning to develop fluency when counting forwards and back to 100.  Children will learn some practical and pictorial methods to support their addition of 2 and even 3 numbers or amounts.  They will become more confident in remembering addition facts.  The children will also begin to recognise and use language relating to dates e.g. days of the week and months.  They will learn to sequence events in chronological order.  In Year 2, the children will also begin to look at shape, including the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

You can listen to this term’s story by clicking on the link below:

Otter Adoption

Our School Council’s initiative this term was to adopt one of the WWT otters. After some fundraising, we raised enough money to pay for one year’s adoption. Last week, the School Council members went to the WWT to test out some brand new educational resources and at the same time, purchased the adoption pack. They… Continue Reading

Amazing Antarctica Day with the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum

Today, Class 2 were very excited to meet Sophie from The Wilson Gallery, who would be teaching us about a famous Antarctic explorer from Cheltenham.  She brought so many things for us to see and explore.  We learned all about Edward Wilson an explorer and artist, who went on two expeditions to the Antarctic to… Continue Reading

Term 2

Welcome back to our second term.  We finished Term 1 off on a high sending our personal letters to Sir David Attenborough after learning all about his remarkable lifetime achievements.  We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for a written reply. Our topic this term is ‘Polar Explorers’ and we are delighted to inform you… Continue Reading

Term 1 in Class 2

Dear all Parents and children. May we give you a warm welcome to Class 2 and give you an insight into what we will be learning about this term. Our topic this term is ‘Bloom and Grow’.  The children have had a terrific start to our topic through an experience day, where they were very… Continue Reading