Class 5


class5_bannerWelcome to Class 5. We are Year 5 and 6 children and Miss Randall is our teacher.

She is brilliantly supported by Mr Macklin and Mrs Arkwell-Smyth.

In Year 5 and 6 we work hard but make time for plenty of fun along the way…

In upper KS2 we learn to become much more responsible as we have a lot of important jobs to do to support the school. As well as setting up hall for assemblies, we run break and lunchtime fitness activities for the whole school and organise all the fruit, milk and recycling!

Year 6 are also brilliant buddies to our brand new reception children – we help them get the best start to their education and help them every step of the way.

Class 5 Blog

Term 3 in Class 5

This term in Class 5 is jam packed with many topics – Titanic being our main focus.

Much of our writing, history, science and homework will also be linked to Titanic. Each child in the class has been given a passenger who was actually on board the ship and over the coming weeks we will learn a little more them, how they lived on board, what their jobs were, where some of them were travelling and whether they survived. We will finish our learning with a ‘Titanic’ dress up day, where we’ll sample some food from the era.

This term in maths, we will be learning about:

Ratio, 2D and 3D shapes, volume, multiplication and division problems, time and timetables, fractions and algebra. As usual we will spend lots of time working on our mental arithmetic skills in class.

Maths, reading and SPAG homework will become more regular now we are nearing SATs and tasks sent home must be completed.



HARVEST FESTIVAL – Friday 18th October 1:30pm

Our Harvest Festival will be held on FRIDAY 18TH OCTOBER at 1:30pm at the church.

Food donations are welcomed and will be donated to the food bank.

See you all there!

Flu Immunisation Programme

The Gloucestershire Immunisation Team will soon be visiting Slmbridge Primary School to start the flu immunisation programme.

Don’t worry – there are no needles involved! The children are immunised with a quick and simple nasal spray.

All the details have already been sent home, but are attached here just in case you need any other information.

PHE_Flu_5_reasons_poster_2019 (1)

School Flu Checklist 2019


Autumn 2019 in Class 5


Welcome to Class 5

This year we have a selection of brilliant topics, which I hope will continue to inspire and interest your children. Our topics from now until Christmas are as follows:

  • Live, Grow, Evolve: This topic continues our work on ‘inheritance and evolution’ as we learn about endangered species, the impact of global warming on habitats, the evolution of man and a study on fossils.
  • We’ll be taking a brief look at the ‘Suffragette’ movement too and looking at how the role of women in society has evolved.
  • We’ll be doing some writing activities based on JK Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’, creating our own beasts through writing and art.
  • Amazing Human Bodies: This science topic is incredibly hands-on as we learn about nutrients, make blood and (hopefully) dissect a heart!
  • Our class book this term: The Last Wild by Piers Torday

These are just a few highlights – there is much more going on in Class 5 this term, as you will see!

PE – Our PE lessons this year will be on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the appropriate kit at school. If you have any old, spare kit you’d like to donate, this would be helpful for the times when children forget J


Homework – I firmly believe that homework is only helpful to children if they are motivated, engaged and proactive about doing it. I also understand that some children love homework and some dread it! Therefore, I’ll include a few non-negotiable tasks as well as some element of choice with homework this year:


Spellings are essential – your child will be given spellings to learn – usually on a Tuesday and there will be a spelling test each Monday. The words will be a mixture of those set out by the national curriculum, words specifically chosen to widen vocabulary and words relating to our topics. Spellings will be chosen to match your child’s confidence levels, but will also be given to challenge. Daily spelling work takes place in class as well.


Creative tasks – I’ll send home some more creative homework tasks which will probably relate in some way to our topics. Most of these will be optional.


SATs practice – Children are well prepared for SATs tests at school but they may be given homework tasks relating to any element of the SATs.


Parental support with homework is not always a necessity and I know that it is not always possible to support your children all the time. Just remember that any help you can offer is always going to be a bonus – We can also help at school if needed.


Recycling – We made a brilliant start to our school recycling initiative last year and with small steps, our vision of a plastic-free environment will hopefully become more of a reality. THEREFORE, please help us by providing your child with a re-usable bottle for their drink and encouraging them to be less wasteful.


**Date for your diary**

On Tuesday 10th September, Year 6 children will be visiting South Cerney for their annual cluster day of watersports with other local schools. More information about this will be communicated shortly.

ALL Year 5 children, are going out on their annual ‘canal walk’, visiting the River Severn, the Purton boat graveyard and blackberry picking  (weather permitting). More information about this will be communicated separately.




Slimbridge Primary School will be welcoming children back on Tuesday 3rd September for the start of the 2019-2020 academic year.

There is an INSET day on Monday 2nd September where all the teachers and school staff will make sure everything is prepared for the new year.

We look forward to seeing you all and welcoming our new children.

Have a wonderful summer holiday.