Class 5


class5_bannerWelcome to Class 5. We are Year 5 and 6 children and Miss Randall is our teacher.

She is brilliantly supported by Mrs Priday and Mr Macklin. 

In Year 5 and 6 we work hard but make time for plenty of fun along the way…

In upper KS2 we try to set good examples for the rest of the school. Normally we have lots of important jobs which help the day-to-day running of the school – such as setting up for assemblies and organising all the fruit, milk and recycling. We hope we can get back to all our jobs soon!

Year 6 are also brilliant buddies to our brand new reception children – we help them get the best start to their education and help them every step of the way.

Class 5 Blog

Welcome to Class 5

It is great to finally be able to welcome you all back to school – we’ve missed you! The past six months have certainly been a strange time for us all and we are doing our very best to help your children settle back into school life as gently as we can.

We will spend some time this term catching up on some lost learning – particularly in Maths and English.

Below are some of the things your children can look forward to over the coming months.


Our first topic is about Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. We will be using the excellently written and illustrated book ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill to learn all about this brave and exciting expedition. This topic will also be used across English, science, art, history, geography and PSHE to help bring learning alive.


We are starting our science work by learning about ‘Living things and their habitats’. We’ll look at Antarctic penguins and how different types of creatures survive in such harsh environments.

We will also learn about different types of trees in our local environment and learn how to ‘classify’ different living things.


In maths, we will be revisiting some key areas of learning that we feel need recapping after such a long break.

Our focused key learning areas for the time being are listed here:


  • Looking at numbers to 1,000,000 and know the value of all digits
  • Interpreting negative numbers and using them accurately
  • Rounding numbers up to 1,000,000 to the nearest 10, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000
  • Multiples, factors, square numbers, primes
  • Multiplication
  • Addition of decimals
  • Simple fractions

We’ll also be doing weekly arithmetic work, multiplication tables and problem solving.




Children will be given spellings every week to take home and learn. These may be focused words that children still need to develop confidence in, words relating to our current topic and words taken directly from the Y5/6 spelling list. These are normally sent home on a Tuesday. Spelling tests are weekly.


I will be sending mental arithmetic maths tasks home to children regularly. These will be marked together in class.


Some of our homework is related to our topic. A topic grid is being sent home and can also be found on Tapestry.  

PE will be on a Tuesday. Please ensure that PE kits are in school on the correct days but taken home regularly to wash


Miss Glover will continue to teach the class French and Mrs Cooke will continue to teach Religious Studies on a Thursday afternoon.


Just a reminder that children are asked NOT to bring any equipment from home into school. Items such as pencil cases, pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners etc will all be provided at school for the time being.


I have made sure that there is a great choice of reading books for all types of reader in our classroom. The school library is currently not in use for children to exchange books. Please bear with us, whilst we organise the logistics of taking books home. 

Bags and Lunch boxes

We ask that lunches are brought to school in ‘washable’ lunchboxes if possible. We would prefer bags not to be brought into school, unless absolutely necessary.

Any questions, please contact the school office. 


Miss Randall 


Back to School Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Please see the attached current newsletter with details about our return to school next Wednesday. 

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back.



Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see the table below explaining the new ‘staggered’ start and finish times for each class group and how children should enter and leave the school.

(Timings are slightly different for the first week back, where children are returning on a part-time basis for either the morning or afternoon.) The entrance routes remain the same. 








Side gate

Class 1



Side gate

Class 2



Willow Room

Class 3



Willow Room

Class 4



Side gate

Class 5



Side gate


We look forward to welcoming you back next Wednesday. 

Whole School Covid-19 Risk Assessment – September 2020

Dear Parents and carers, 

We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer break and some of the lovely weather we are having. 

September is fast approaching and we are working hard to get ready to open our doors to all children once again; we cannot wait to welcome you all back. 

Below is our whole school ‘risk assessment’ which details all the measures we are putting into place as we welcome everyone back to school. 

See you all soon.

Whole-School-Covid-19-Risk-assessment-September 20

Year 4 and 5 Home Learning 13/07/2020

Hello Year 4 and 5,

The end of the school year is finally here! Although it does not feel like the normal end, I hope you can find the time to celebrate finishing another year of primary school. Both Mrs Randall and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all and we hope you have the best summer you possibly can. There will be our normal ‘scrapbook challenge’ with a few added activities, if you do feel you want do some learning over the holidays.

I appreciate that lots of you have found this period difficult and you have done so well to manage it, whatever way that was for you. I hope you are all staying well and will enjoy your final week of ‘home learning’.


Again, I have added the Pie Corbett, talk for writing pack. If you would rather complete another activity for your English task this week, I would love you to write a letter to yourself reflecting on this period. Think about what you have enjoyed/ found difficult, if you have started a new hobby, what you are most looking forward to when we ‘go back to normal’. These letters will be interesting for you to keep for many years and look back at in the future.




This week, I will be giving you work on money. Many of these questions will require you to use addition and subtraction too, so I hope they are all manageable. I know we covered a few of these types of questions in an earlier pack but it is a useful topic to revisit regularly and not just in word problems.

Please remember you should regularly be practising your times tables, this has been particularly successful this year when using TTRockstars- which I will be setting up battles for you to take part in.

Cafe questions

Change questions

Rounding to the nearest pound


I have added an activity that challenges you to ‘make a birds’ nest using materials that you find outside. It is a little bit different but hopefully you will enjoy this challenge, it says you can ‘add your stickers’ once you complete your challenge, this is to be added to your reward charts that were added to Tapestry a few weeks ago.


I hope to see some of you when you come in for your transition session this week,

Have a lovely week,

Miss Glover