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class1bannerWe are the Reception Class. Our teachers are Mrs Baird and Mrs McNamara.

We are amazingly well supported by the wonderful Mrs Pearce.

Most of us went to Little Otters Playgroup at Slimbridge School so we know each other already!  We are looking forward to meeting our Year 6 Buddies and working with them this year.

Class 1 Blog

Class 1 Home Learning 6.7.20

Dear Parents,

We are almost at the end of term, so just a little bit more home-schooling to get through.  Just to assure you that when your child is in school, they always receive a daily phonics and number time session as well as an individual read with their class reading book (this is not logged on Tapestry).   In addition to that, we also have plenty of ‘learning time’ where you child learns through play (via the various areas set up) and we also have an afternoon ‘Jenny Puzzle’ session to discuss our feelings.  

Below is attached a lot of resources linked to the Talk for Writing story which will carry you through to next week.  Please feel free to pick and choose which activities you and your child would like to do.  

This Week’s Resources:

Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide Week 13!

DFE Phonics Home Learning Sessions

Talk for Writing – Brian Bear’s Picnic

Editable Landscape Page Border

Half Lined – Landscape

split pin teddy bear








We hope you have a good week!

Kind regards

The Class 1 Team

Home Learning Challenge

Home Learning Challenge

To help motivate your children for the last few weeks of term we have set up a home learning challenge. This is totally optional but we thought it might be useful for some of you. Here’s how it works:

  • Decide on daily home learning challenges for your child, this could be a certain number of tasks or an amount of time e.g. for a Reception child it could be to do the daily phonics lesson and one other task , or for an older child it could be to do 2 hours of home learning.
  • Use the attached reward chart to add smiley faces for each home learning challenge your child completes. There are six boxes for each day but you might not need all of these if you decided on a smaller number of daily challenges. If you decide on a time challenge (e.g. two hours per day) they could get a smiley face for each half hour of home learning successfully completed.
  •  If your child completes their task for the week upload a photo of the completed chart onto Tapestry and they will receive a certificate and a small reward in the post.
  • If your child completes a chart for the rest of term (3 weeks) they will receive a prize at the end.

Click the link for the reward chart: Rainbow reward chart-2

Class 1 Home Learning Pack 29.6.20

Dear Parents

I am really looking forward to seeing nearly all the class back in school this Wednesday.  Its great to see all the learning at home and we hope you enjoy this weeks story ‘Stuck’ by one of my favourite children’s authors – Oliver Jeffers.  Please continue to follow the online daily phonics and online reading websites.  We are counting above 20 a lot in the class now so playing with numbers up to 100 will your child to get ready for learning in Year 1.  Continue to use the games we have mentioned in previous packs such as ‘100 number splat’ and ‘whack a mole’.  

Here are the learning resources and pack details for this week.

Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide Week 12

Story resources:

firemen speech bubbles

the tree writing page

Maths Resources:



My Design

In the learning pack, there is some information about designing a road safety poster for Slimbridge village.  Please hand in any completed posters to the school office. 

Take care

From the Class 1 Team

Class 1 Home Learning 22.6.20

Dear Class 1

It has been great to hear that you have been enjoying our ‘Supertato’ theme.  We will be continuing learning on the same story so there should still be some story activities to keep you going from last week’s pack but here are some top up activities too.

DFE Daily Phonics (Please continue to follow this daily- it has been clear to see the children that have been doing daily phonics as it really makes an impact)

Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide Week 11

Supertato resources:


supertato character speech bubbles

supertato comic strip

This week in Maths the children will be revisiting doubling numbers and learning to halve them too.

Maths resources: 

doubling halving template

EYFS Maths Solving Problems Doubling Home Learning Challenges

EYFS Maths Solving Problems Halving Home Learning Challenges

EYFS Maths Solving Problems Sharing Home Learning Challenges





We hope you all have a good week.

From the Class 1 Team

Class 1 Learning Pack 8.6.20

Hi Class 1

I hope you are all well. It was lovely seeing the photos of you with Miss Day on Monday and I know it was lovely being back in class with a group on Thursday and Friday. I also wanted to say a thank you to the posts from those of you learning at home. Again, I have been very impressed with your learning.

Due to the positive response on our current learning theme, I have extended it by another week, with a new focus story ‘We’re Going on a Lion Hunt’. You will find this story on Tapestry.

Here are the resources you will need for this week.

Use the above link to follow for the daily Phonics lessons at 10am every day. Our phonics lessons at school are keeping in line with this current framework.

Story resources:

Use Tapestry to find the video of ‘We’re Going on a Lion’

Maths resources (Estimation and comparing quantities)

Art Activities:

We hope you enjoy this week’s activities!

Keep safe and take care

The Class 1 Team