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class1bannerWe are the Reception Class. Our teachers are Mrs Baird and Mrs Clune.

We are amazingly well supported by the wonderful Mrs Pearce and we are delighted to have Mrs Arkwell-Smyth join our team this year.

Some of us went to Little Otters Playgroup at Slimbridge School so we know each other already!  We are looking forward to getting to know everyone in Class 1.

Class 1 Blog

Class 1 Home Learning WK Beginning 22nd February

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you have had a relaxing week and enjoyed some family time together sans the home schooling.  We are definitely missing everyone from Class 1 and we are looking forward when we can all be back together.   

This week we are celebrating Chinese New Year, which is actually celebrated over 15 days so we have lots of lovely things for you to watch, make and do!

Please find the resources and their links listed below:

Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide week 7

letter formation sheets b,h,k,p





I Spy and Add to 20

I Spy Checklist

Comparing quantities and one more than one less than


Checklist Chinese-New-Year-Poster


Animal Cards


Best Wishes


The Class 1 Team





Class 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 8.2.21

Dear Parents/Carers

Congratulations on reaching week 6 of Home Learning! You should all feel very proud of yourselves and quite happy that this is the last week before we can all enjoy a time to relax for the week of half term.

This week is our final week for learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff which I can see the children have really loved.  We will also continue with learning the teen numbers and using the DFE Phonics lessons.

Please find below the learning guide (I’ve tried to make a simpler format to follow) and resources.

Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide week 6

letter formation sheets j y r n m



I Spy Number 17


Troll description

Wanted poster


Best wishes and take care,

The Class 1 Team

Class 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 1.2.21

Dear Parents & Carers

We wanted to say a huge thank you for supporting your child with their BRILLIANT stories this week.  We are so proud of all your stories and you all told them so well.  They all really made us smile.

This week, we will be learning a familiar story (don’t giveaway the story they have clues in Monday’s video to try and figure out what it might be) and begin learning about the teen numbers and understanding their place value.

Please find attached the resources for the week:

Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide week 5

letter formation sheets f,l,t,i,u

tricky words to cut up 2






All About the Number 14 Activity Sheet


the-three-billy-goats-gruff- speech bubbles


My Design

Types of Bridges Display Photos

Link for Friday’s PSHE ‘Dreams & Goals’ story Once There Were Giants Story

Wishing you a good week, be kind to yourselves and take care,

The Class 1 Team

Class 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 25.1.21

Dear Parents/Carers

Well done on keeping up with all the learning and sending in your posts.  It’s great to see all the learning that is happening at home and you are all doing great.  You are making us a very proud team!

In phonics, this week the ‘ar’ sound is the last digraph to learn for a little while.  in class, we would spend time recapping the sounds learned so far to make sure the children can recall, read and apply them in their writing.  The DFE, provide online lessons for this stage of learning and the YouTube links are provided within the weekly planning guide.  You can also use BBC Bitesize to recap the sounds through short videos  BBC Phase 3 sounds or try the following website Phonics Play to play games involving the sounds learned so far, choosing from phase 2 or phase 3 sounds (though we haven’t yet covered all of phase 3)

This week, we have been so impressed with your storytelling with ‘The Noisy House’ sessions that we know you are so ready to start creating your own stories.  This is a process that you can build up through the week: first making the setting and getting your characters ready; then playing around with your setting and characters and rehearsing a story that has a beginning, middle and end and finally making a story map which will help you to retell the story.

For our number time, we will be moving onto finding numbers that make 10.  If you feel your child needs more time to recap their number bonds within 10 (2 numbers added to make any number up to 10) then please continue to work on that instead of moving on.  We have provided ideas on how to change each activity to suit the learning stage of your child (within the weekly guidance plan).  However, if you do have any questions, then please contact us through Tapestry.

***Tip*** When you cut up the numicon tiles (within the making 10 worksheets) DO NOT stick them on the sheet. Instead, just place them to see which two tiles fit perfectly to make 10.  Later you can stick them on card (an old cereal box will do) so that you can continue to use them for other counting, ordering, addition and subtraction activities.  

This weeks resources:

Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide week 4

ar phonics worksheet

letter formation sheet for d g q e s

tricky words to cut up

Farmer Pete

number bonds to 5



Please remember that if you DO NEED a paper pack then please let us know on here by adding a comment or let the school office know. We do have a list of the children needing paper packs and we are happy to add names but I am sure you understand we also do not want to waste paper.

Have fun!

Best Wishes 


The Class 1 Team



Class 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 18.1.21

Dear Parents/Carers

We wanted to say a big congratulations for completing the first whole week of home learning.  You are all doing excellently. 

Here is the plan and the resources for next week. 

From now on, a paper pack to support the weekly planning guidance, will be available for collection from school from Monday.  We understand that printing can be a problem so we will always be providing a paper version of all the resources too.

This weeks resources:
Class 1 Learning Pack Help Guide week 3

Numicon shape tiles addition within 10



part whole model.docx

oi phonics game

cvc-word-building activity sheets (optional supplement to the phonics/literacy lessons)

Best wishes,

The Class 1 Team