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Class 5 Super Scientists

Class 5 have been very busy learning about the human body in our Science lessons.

Firstly, we investigated BLOOD.

We learnt many amazing facts about what our blood is made from:

55% is PLASMA. This is the liquid part of the blood and transports all the nutrients, proteins and hormones around our body.

44% is RED BLOOD CELLS. These transport oxygen around our body.

The final 1% is made from WHITE BLOOD CELLS – which help us fight infections, and PLATELETS which help us stop bleeding and enables wounds to heal.

To show what blood looks like under a strong microscope we made our own blood. We used the following ingredients:

Cooking oil = the plasma

Red jelly = red blood cells

White beans = white blood cells

Rice = platelets

We had a messy time creating!


We were also VERY LUCKY to do our very first DISSECTION this week!

Mr Glover generously gave his time to come into class and lead a dissection of a pig’s heart. The children (most of them!) thought this was great and really enjoyed cutting into the heart, lungs and liver!


Online Safety Update – March 2017

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A New Adventure…

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The Queen’s 90th Birthday BAKE OFF…

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