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Term 4 in Class 5

Welcome to term 3 in Class 5!

We have an extremely busy term ahead of us and lots to look forward to!

We have a variety of different topics to get our teeth into this term, starting off with our trip to Concorde, where we will be learning all about the history of this magnificent aircraft. We’ll also be learning about the rich history of engineering in Bristol – including the building of different aircraft, road transport, trams, weapons and even satellites! Our class trip on Wednesday 11th March will help us unravel all the history. Linked to this is our science work on FORCES, where we’ll conduct investigations to learn about friction and air resistance. We will also be learning a little bit about SPACE.

Our maths will focus mainly on preparation for the upcoming SATS tests as we revise everything that we have learnt this year, as well as a few new topics too.


Term 3 in Class 5

This term in Class 5 is jam packed with many topics – Titanic being our main focus. Much of our writing, history, science and homework will also be linked to Titanic. Each child in the class has been given a passenger who was actually on board the ship and over the coming weeks we will… Continue Reading

Flu Immunisation Programme

The Gloucestershire Immunisation Team will soon be visiting Slmbridge Primary School to start the flu immunisation programme. Don’t worry – there are no needles involved! The children are immunised with a quick and simple nasal spray. All the details have already been sent home, but are attached here just in case you need any other… Continue Reading

Autumn 2019 in Class 5

  Welcome to Class 5 This year we have a selection of brilliant topics, which I hope will continue to inspire and interest your children. Our topics from now until Christmas are as follows: Live, Grow, Evolve: This topic continues our work on ‘inheritance and evolution’ as we learn about endangered species, the impact of… Continue Reading


Slimbridge Primary School will be welcoming children back on Tuesday 3rd September for the start of the 2019-2020 academic year. There is an INSET day on Monday 2nd September where all the teachers and school staff will make sure everything is prepared for the new year. We look forward to seeing you all and welcoming… Continue Reading


Below are a number of links to helpful revision sites. Just ask if you need any more information.   MATHS: This website is great – it covers EVERY topic with little assessments and also has some YouTube tutorials to help you understand some of the tricky bits. This youtube video goes through… Continue Reading

January and February 2019 in Class 5

  HAPPY NEW YEAR This term we have some great topics – all starting with our class trip to the SS Great Britain in Bristol next Wednesday 16th January. We’ll be learning all about the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and some of his marvelous designs and creations. Our work on Brunel will be linked to… Continue Reading