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Welcome to Class 5

This year we have a selection of brilliant topics, which I hope will continue to inspire and interest your children. Our topics from now until Christmas are as follows:

  • The human body – (diet, exercise, nutrition) expect some more gruesome and hands-on scientific experiments
  • The history of crime and punishment
  • The science of catching criminals – investigating fingerprints/forensics
  • Electricity
  • WW1 – Special Slimbridge centenary project marking 100 years since the end of WW1.
PE – Our PE lessons this year will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the appropriate kit at school. If you have any old, spare kit you’d like to donate, this would be helpful for the times when children forget.


Homework – I firmly believe that homework is only helpful to children if they are motivated, engaged and proactive about doing it. I also understand that some children love homework and some dread it! Therefore, I’ll include a few non-negotiable tasks as well as some element of choice with homework this year:


Spellings are essential – your child will be given spellings to learn – usually on a Tuesday and there will be a spelling test each Monday. The words will be a mixture of those set out by the national curriculum, words specifically chosen to widen vocabulary and words relating to our topics. Spellings will be chosen to match your child’s confidence levels.


Creative tasks – I’ll send home some more creative homework tasks which will probably relate in some way to our topics. Most of these will be optional.


SATs practice – Children are well prepared for SATs tests at school but they may be given homework tasks relating to any element of the SATs.


Parental support with homework is not always a necessity and I know that it is not always possible to support your children all the time. Just remember that any help you can offer is always going to be a bonus. We can also help at school if needed.


French – Mrs Wood will be taking over the teaching of French this year. She is super excited to be teaching our older children.







Term 4 in Class 5

I cannot believe it is term 4 already. This term started with a fantastic class trip to CONCORDE last week. We’ll be learning some information about the history of flight as we work our way through the next few weeks. In science, we are learning about multiple concepts – all of which fit in brilliantly… Continue Reading

Titanic Day

We’ve had a fabulous day in Class 5 – learning about Titanic. Over the past few weeks, children have been busy exploring the ship – how it was built, who worked on it, where it sailed from and how big it was. As well as this we have been busy designing menus for 1st and… Continue Reading


SATS tests for Year 6 children will be from Monday 14th May until Thursday 17th May 2018. We try our very best not to put any pressure on our Year 6 children for these tests and we already know that doing needless hours of revision can become very boring. We do however, like your children… Continue Reading

Welcome to 2018 in Class 5

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had fantastic fun-filled holidays. This term our main topic is TITANIC. We’ll be exploring how and where the ship was built, who the passengers were and how Titanic met its fate. We’ll also learn about the route the Titanic took and the geography of where the passengers came… Continue Reading

Class 5 Super Scientists

Class 5 have been very busy learning about the human body in our Science lessons. Firstly, we investigated BLOOD. We learnt many amazing facts about what our blood is made from: 55% is PLASMA. This is the liquid part of the blood and transports all the nutrients, proteins and hormones around our body. 44% is… Continue Reading