Amazing Antarctica Day with the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum

Today, Class 2 were very excited to meet Sophie from The Wilson Gallery, who would be teaching us about a famous Antarctic explorer from Cheltenham.  She brought so many things for us to see and explore.  We learned all about Edward Wilson an explorer and artist, who went on two expeditions to the Antarctic to study wildlife there. Did you know, that when he travelled there in 1910, it took 6 months to sail to the Antarctic and then another 2 months to walk the 900 miles from where they docked on the edge of the Antarctic to the centre of the Antarctic!

Unfortunately, we learned that on his way back after successfully reaching the centre of Antarctica, he and his team all died, due to food and fuel shortage, in a terrible blizzard.  Luckily all his paintings, photos and diary entries were found intact and we so enjoyed looking through them all. Most of all we loved dressing up as Victorian Antarctic explorers!

We wanted to say a huge thank you to Sophie and The Wilson Gallery and Art Museum for such a wonderful day and to all our parents who made it possible with their voluntary contributions.