Nominations for Parent Governor and our work this term

Helen Tilly’s term as a Parent Governor ends shortly. We received one nomination for a parent governor to fill the vacancy that will be left. As we will not be having an election, the governing body will appoint the nominee, Mrs Emily Farnsworth, at their next meeting. We look forward to welcoming our new governor into her important role at school, and Emily’s biography will be added to the school website once she is formally appointed.

This term we will be looking at how the classes will be arranged in September. First, the Teaching and Learning Committee works with Mrs Cooke to look at different arrangements for classes, and then the Finance and Premises Committee will look at how the school’s budget can support the recommended structure or structures. As we’re a small school, we sometimes have to make difficult choices. Some year groups have to be split. Decisions are made on the basis of each child’s needs – and not just their educational needs. The staff and the governors regularly check on the progress of the children on both sides of the ‘split’ to ensure that no one’s education is suffering.

If you have heard in the news about the proposed new funding scheme for schools and were wondering how our school would be affected, we would be one of the schools that would benefit, with an increase in our funding.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about governance or the school in general, please get in touch: