Online Safety update

At the start of the academic year we spend some time recapping on the essential dos and don’ts of online safety with all children at school. Keeping children safe online is embedded into our PSHCE and computing curriculums and is frequently revisited throughout the year.

Online safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility and we must all work together to ensure our children stay safe using the internet when at school AND at home.

I had an interesting conversation with children in Year 5 and 6 last week about the different apps and online games which are popular at the moment. The one that seems to be most used amongst our children is YouTube, with many of our children having their own YouTube channels.  We had a really mature discussion about how to stay safe and the golden rules of posting things on the internet:

NEVER broadcast your personal details to anyone online

NEVER post photos or videos that could easily identify you – such as wearing a school uniform

NEVER give out email addresses or phone numbers

NEVER arrange to meet anyone you meet online

ALWAYS talk to an adult or teacher is you are worried about anything you see on the internet. 


Many children enjoy gaming and we talked about the different games that are popular at the moment.

I would like to again urge parents to review the types of games that your children are playing, many of which contain unnecessary violence, bad language and scenes of a sexual nature. If we work together, we can all keep our children safe online and monitor what they are exposed to.

Miss Randall