100 Years of the RAF

On Monday the 16th April, I woke up to a fantastic day ahead of me. Firstly, I had breakfast and then I got ready for school.

I arrived at school and got ready for the start of the fantastic day. I sat down at my table and Miss Glover did the register. Just the thought of the day and what we were going to be learning about, filled my mind with information and excitement,(Nicole)

On the coach, we all sat down and the teachers reminded us to put our seat belts on. I sat next to Isobel and we talked about her new glasses, the museum and our Easter holidays. We spotted a sign for Staverton Jet Age Museum and I was very excited. Eventually, we arrived. We got out the coach and sat down in the café to discuss the day ahead. (Elsie)

After, we followed Gary into the museum and we watched two videos. The first video was all about the first attempts at flight, there were some very entertaining ideas. Including one man who tried to attach propellers to a bike. We also learnt all about the Wright Brother! We also had a discussion about air forces. During the second video, we had to think about how people got around before planes. Did you know that it could take up to eight weeks to get to the USA on a boat? Now you can get there in under 5 hours. We also had the chance to learn about the ‘Mad Monk’, he built some wings and jumped off a tall tower, unsurprisingly he got hurt. (Alicia)

A short while later, Miss Glover organised us into groups. I was in Mr King’s group. We went into a marquee and were set a challenge to put together an airplane and use compasses to direct a plane in the right direction. (Lucie)

In the afternoon, our group went in the cockpits. There was a huge plane, an ejector seat and a small cockpit. I got to explore all of them- although not for long as there was so much more to see. (Alfie s)

Next, a man showed us the guns and genuine outfits that the officers wore. He also told us about the medals soldiers were awarded in world war one. I got to try on a RAF flying suit.

Then, a volunteer called Mike, showed us the Frank Whittle (invented by Frank Whittle) engine which was the first jet engine.

Lastly, we met a former Horsa Glider pilot who was involved in World war two, his name is Lesley. He let us ask him lots of questions and we were so grateful to be given this chance. (Max s)

Right at the last minute, Gary and the other volunteers handed us all a package with some more information and toys. (Max M)

When we got back to school, it was sometime and I went home and told my family all about the day. They thoroughly enjoyed listening to what we had done and at the end they told me they’d like to go there too! Overall, it was a fantastic day. (Evie)