Welcome to Class 4

We are a Key stage 2 class of Year 4 and 5 children. Our Teacher is Miss Glover and she is helped by Mrs Priday, Mrs Arkwell-Smyth and Mr King. We are in the new outside classroom – very eco-friendly.

We enjoy learning maths, science and writing the most and we also like going to after school clubs. We think our lessons are really good and this year we want to do lots of topic work.

Class 4 Blog


Today, we spent the day celebrating India. We were so excited to learn more about the country and even had the chance to participate in an Indian dance workshop- which was brilliant (although it tired us all out).

The children were really keen to try some Indian food; the Naans were a definite hit. The children had the opportunity to try some Indian sauce. They all enjoyed the Korma and some children even dared to try Vindaloo. The class have told me that they hope to try some more Indian food at home.

We spent the morning designing and creating our own Rangoli patterns. We talked about why people draw them and the meaning behind the colourful patterns. We tried not to get too messy, so used chalk instead of the traditional rice, flour and sand! We invited class 3 to join us with this and they loved working alongside the younger children.

As we are budding Geographers, the children used the ATLAS to locate India and its bordering countries.

Over all, we had a fantastic day- here are some photos we’d like to share with you.


Otter Adoption

Our School Council’s initiative this term was to adopt one of the WWT otters.

After some fundraising, we raised enough money to pay for one year’s adoption.

Last week, the School Council members went to the WWT to test out some brand new educational resources and at the same time, purchased the adoption pack. They were very excited – especially about the cuddly otter toy we got as well – another welcome addition to our school!

As a school, we feel really supported by the WWT who are always very generous when we visit them for class trips. The school council felt that we ought to ‘pay it forward’ and support our local environment by adopting one of their many animals. The whole school are interested in adopting a bird from the WWT in the new year, so fundraising will no doubt begin again – but this time with a brand new school council.


Last Monday, we took a trip to the WWT. The focus of the trip was ‘Animals and their habitats’. We started the day by watching a video in the cinema which was about the past year and everything that has been happening in the centre. Then, we were set a task to label the different parts of the wetland environment on an aerial map- including reed beds, marsh lands and lakes. After that, we had the chance to go up the stair tower and look at the different areas of the wetlands for ourselves. There were lots of steps (around 75!) but it was well worth the climb.

We then had the opportunity to feed some of the birds and we looked at different feeding techniques. The highlight of the day for many was watching the 3 resident otters get fed- lots of the children had interesting questions and ideas about how the otters have adapted to their environment.

After lunch, the children had a project to think about how mammals live in a wetland. We focused on a beaver. An interesting fact we discovered was that beavers are born with orange teeth- the orange is a thick layer of enamel which means that they can gnaw on wood.

As a special treat the children were able to do some amphibian handling, which everyone enjoyed (after some reluctance by a few of us!) We all agreed that it was a fantastic day!