class5_bannerWelcome to Class 5. We are Year 5 and 6 children and Miss Randall is our teacher. She is brilliantly supported by Mr Macklin, Mrs Wilde and Miss Lucia.

In Year 5 and 6 we work hard but make time for plenty of fun along the way…

Summer in Class 5:

For the next few weeks, we will continue to prepare for the Year 6 SATS assessments.


It is exciting times in Class 5 as we begin to learn about EVOLUTION.

Here are the objectives that we’ll be covering in this epic topic:

  • How have humans evolved over time?
  • What scientific evidence is there to suggest the theory of evolution?
  • How are offspring similar to their parents and family?
  • What are genes and how do these dictate life?
  • How have humans and animals adapted to specific environments?

During this exciting topic, we will be learning about different creatures and how they have adapted to their environments – this will include the ‘peppered moth’ as well as a variety of creatures that inhabit the Galapagos Islands in South America.



We will continue to think very carefully about the environment we live in and our project about Global Warming and sustainability will continue. We will be looking at how humans are impacting the environment and how we can all live more sustainable lives. As part of this, Class 5 will be conducting their own investigation to find out Slimbridge school’s ‘carbon footprint’ and how we can make our school environment greener and play our part in helping to save our planet.


We will continue to focus on a wide range of genres and work on our creative writing and grammar. We’ll be reading some really interesting books to use in our guided reading sessions, such as Skellig by David Almond, and continue to add to our brand new vocabulary wall with a selection of interesting new words.


We will spend the first few weeks of term revising specific mathematics topics in preparation for SATS. After this, we will continue to prepare the children for their next steps of learning and ensure that they reach as many of their targets as they can. Our focus this term will be:

  • multiplcation and division multi-step problems and written methods
  • percentages in real life situations
  • graphs and interpreting data
  • measures in everyday scenarios
  • Roman numerals
  • Reasoning problems








Class 5 Blog

Dates for your Diaries!

Dear Parents,

The last few weeks of the academic year are slowly creeping up on us all.

There are a number of events scheduled for the last few weeks which may apply to you.

These dates are detailed below for your information and are also on our website’s calendar.

  • Monday 12th June – Friday 16th June – Year 5 children will be completing Bikeability. This is ongoing all week.
  • Monday 12th June – Class 4 to Redwood.
  • Wednesday 21st June – SPORT’S DAY – 1:30pm at Slimbridge Recreation Ground
  • Friday 23rd June – INSET DAY. Only teachers at school.
  • Mon 26th June – Wed 28th June – The Y6s are away at South Cerney on their camping trip.
  • Thursday 29th June – STEP UP MORNING. All children will visit their new teachers and classes.
  • Friday 30th June – Parents are all invited to their child’s classes for a maths calculation morning from 9 – 10am.
  • Wednesday 5th July – Class 5 on a trip to Cheltenham Everyman Theatre.
  • Thursday 6th and Friday 7th July – DRAMA CLUB – whole day rehearsals at the Village Hall for The Lion King.
  • Tuesday 11th July – THE LION KING – Morning dress rehearsal at the Village Hall and performance to the whole school.
  • Wednesday 12th July – THE LION KING – Matinee performance for parents. 1:30pm at the Village Hall
  • Thursday 13th July – THE LION KING – Evening performance for parents and family. 6pm at the Village Hall
  • Friday 14th July – STEP UP MORNING – all children to visit their new classes. Year 6 to REDNOCK.



Year 6 SPaG Revision Quizzes

Our class are SPaGtastically GREAT at grammar!

For a little bit of last minute grammar cramming, why not dust off your SPaG halo and visit the following SPaG quizzes:

SPAG quiz



Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

CLASS 5 HOMEWORK – March 21st 

Calculating your family’s CARBON FOOTPRINT

 As part of our Geography and environmental studies, we are trying to find ways to make our school a greener and more eco-friendly place.

What is a carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment as a result of your activities. This includes the transport you use, the food you eat, the energy you use and other things.

CALCULATE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT BY CLICKING ON THE WEBSITE LINK below. You will need to have help from a parent to do this. Check first if they mind being involved in this investigation! If you can, try and save your results and bring them into school, so we can all compare. I’ll even do mine!

Online Safety Update – March 2017

Childnet has a lot of free advice for parents and carers regarding online safety. The downloadable leaflet below give parents and carers advice about how to talk about the important issues such as:

CONDUCT – Helping children understand the impact that their online activity has on themselves and others.

CONTENT – As parents, carers and teachers, it is our responsibility to ensure that children are accessing appropriate things online. As we know, many websites, games, YouTube videos etc may not be entirely appropriate for children to it really pays to be aware.

CONTACT – Who are your children contacting online? Are they friends or complete strangers?



DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SET UP PARENTAL CONTROLS ON YOUR DEVICES? This is an essential way of ensuring that your children are using websites that are age appropriate. has some handy tips on how you can do this. Just click on the link below:



SATS tests for Year 6 children begin on Monday 8th May. With the Easter holidays right in the middle, this means that we only have 5 school weeks left until the tests begin. 

We try our very best not to put any pressure on our Year 6 children for these tests and we already know that doing needless hours of revision can become very boring! With this in mind, please encourage your child to log on to the following websites which will help revising facts more of a fun experience!

Follow the links below for different revision activities.