class5_bannerWelcome to Class 5. We are Year 5 and 6 children and Miss Randall is our teacher. She is brilliantly supported by Mr Macklin, Miss Wilkins and Mrs Wilde.

In Year 5 and 6 we work hard but make time for plenty of fun along the way…

In Year 5 and 6, we become really responsible as we have a lot of important jobs to do around the school. We deliver the fruit and milk to all the children, set up the hall for assemblies and make sure that everyone has the correct lunch band for lunchtime! Some of us are also fitness leaders and every breaktime we help the children at Slimbridge to get fitter and healthier. We like to keep busy!

Class 5 Blog

Welcome to 2018 in Class 5

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope everyone had fantastic fun-filled holidays.

This term our main topic is TITANIC.

We’ll be exploring how and where the ship was built, who the passengers were and how Titanic met its fate. We’ll also learn about the route the Titanic took and the geography of where the passengers came from around the world.

All the children have been given a real passenger to investigate and learn about; eventually we will find out if they died or survived the tragedy.

In SCIENCE we’ll be learning about forces and in particular water and air resistance, gears, levers and pulleys. This will slot in nicely with our Titanic topic.

In English, we’ll be writing newspaper reports, diaries and recounts. We’ll be supporting our topic by using the internet to research and retrieve information. We will also focus on poetry and developing our reading comprehension and grammar.

In Maths, we’ll be concentrating on reasoning skills. We’ll look at algebra, ratio and proportion, division and multiplication problems, as well as shape.

Otter Adoption

Our School Council’s initiative this term was to adopt one of the WWT otters.

After some fundraising, we raised enough money to pay for one year’s adoption.

Last week, the School Council members went to the WWT to test out some brand new educational resources and at the same time, purchased the adoption pack. They were very excited – especially about the cuddly otter toy we got as well – another welcome addition to our school!

As a school, we feel really supported by the WWT who are always very generous when we visit them for class trips. The school council felt that we ought to ‘pay it forward’ and support our local environment by adopting one of their many animals. The whole school are interested in adopting a bird from the WWT in the new year, so fundraising will no doubt begin again – but this time with a brand new school council.

Class 5 Super Scientists

Class 5 have been very busy learning about the human body in our Science lessons.

Firstly, we investigated BLOOD.

We learnt many amazing facts about what our blood is made from:

55% is PLASMA. This is the liquid part of the blood and transports all the nutrients, proteins and hormones around our body.

44% is RED BLOOD CELLS. These transport oxygen around our body.

The final 1% is made from WHITE BLOOD CELLS – which help us fight infections, and PLATELETS which help us stop bleeding and enables wounds to heal.

To show what blood looks like under a strong microscope we made our own blood. We used the following ingredients:

Cooking oil = the plasma

Red jelly = red blood cells

White beans = white blood cells

Rice = platelets

We had a messy time creating!


We were also VERY LUCKY to do our very first DISSECTION this week!

Mr Glover generously gave his time to come into class and lead a dissection of a pig’s heart. The children (most of them!) thought this was great and really enjoyed cutting into the heart, lungs and liver!


Year 5 Maths Challenge

Well done to four of our brilliant Year 5 mathematicians who participated in a maths challenge Friday 24th November at St Edward’s School in Cheltenham.

They had to work very quickly to solve some tricky maths puzzles but really loved the experience.

Super Effort!