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Are your children SMART about smartphones?

Many of our children now own a smartphone but are they fully aware of how to keep themselves safe from a whole number of online problems?

The following information in the link below aims to help you and your family be more savvy phone users. It talks about real CURRENT issues that crop up everyday in society – such as using ‘messenger’ apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Kik. It also touches areas such a cyberbullying, buying things online, sharing personal information as well as the dangers of sexting.

I am sure that for most parents, these issues seem like they belong in secondary school settings, but sadly these are real problems happening right now in primary schools across the country. With more access to the online world and the increases in peer pressure, we really need to help our children find their way through the online world. Please help them not to get lost!

Click on the handy links below to find out more information about staying safe online.



Online Safety Update – March 2017

Childnet has a lot of free advice for parents and carers regarding online safety. The downloadable leaflet below give parents and carers advice about how to talk about the important issues such as: CONDUCT – Helping children understand the impact that their online activity has on themselves and others. CONTENT – As parents, carers and teachers,… Continue Reading

Happy New Year Class 3 !

3.1.17   Dear Parents, Welcome back and Happy New Year! A big thank you for all the kind gifts that class 3 staff received – very much appreciated. Miss Glover (PGCE student) will continue to work with us this term and will be teaching alongside me. There will be a focus on fractions (including fractions… Continue Reading

Promoting healthy lifestyles at Slimbridge School!

This year we are having a real drive to promote healthy lifestyle choices, educating children through assemblies about health, hygiene and fitness. Mrs Clune and Miss Gilbert worked alongside the children to make an action plan with their voice at the heart of the plan to ensure impact. The children decided that we should have 10 minutes… Continue Reading